12 Creative Uses for Nail Polish

creative uses for nail polish ecokaren
I don’t normally wear nail polish because most of them smell bad and are toxic. And the non-toxic ones are a little too steep in price so I don’t usually buy them that often.

But recently, my daughter started getting hooked on nail polish – teenagers! – and started buying them with her own money. Supposedly, they are free of the four notorious toxins: Toluene, Formaldehyde, Phthalate, and Camphor. But they smelled nasty. So I read the label and guess what? They still contained a ton of other nasty chemicals. But I felt bad throwing them out so I kept them, hoping I could use them for something.

Here are some creative ways to use up nail polish.

Creative Uses for Old Nail Polish

  • Stop the run on stockings – all-time favorite
  • Stop fraying ends on fabric – trick I discovered
  • Dab it on car dings to prevent rusting – a trick I used, trying to cover up a ding from my hubby. Don’t ask.
  • Put a drop on small cracks on car windshields until you can get it replaced. It’ll stop the crack from spreading. – Great idea!
  • Label your keys. – my mom does this all the time.
  • Label ice cream sticks as plant markers. – another trick I learned from mom.
  • Waterproof shipping addresses on packages. – don’t know where I read this but makes sense!
  • Mark knitting needle sizes – great idea since knitting needles are narrow so tiny nail polish brush would be perfect!
  • Emergency glue – don’t know on what type of material but ok.
  • Put a huge “X” in red on anything toxic in your house…if you have still have any left. – I have none but great idea if you do! Use a “Scarlet Red” or “Black” nail polish.

Look at the paperweight and coasters I designed a couple of years ago for Crafting a Green World.
paperweight ecokaren

nail polished coasters ecokaren

How do YOU use nail polish other than painting your nails?