Lace Necklace and Weekend Round Up

Remember I told you last week that I was making a quilt for a friend’s daughter who’s going off to college this Fall? I finished the quilt and the tutorial is posted on Crafting a Green World (see below for the link). And boy, was she surprised when she saw it. She said, “Wow. This is cool!” and “So, that’s where my purple shirt was!”

The best part was seeing her recognize her old ripped up jeans on the quilt. That was her favorite (and most expensive) pair of jeans she owned. According to my friend, she loved that pair of jeans so much that she wore it down until there was a gaping hole on the butt! So she was glad to see it surface again (she thought her mom threw it out!) and to take it with her to college.

With this quilt, I know she’ll carry a piece of her ‘childhood’, *sniffle*, with her when she leaves in a couple of weeks. I hope the quilt will help her if (and when) she gets homesick. She is like a daughter to me and I can’t believe she’s grown up so fast! I wish only the best for her and hope she enjoys what promises to be the best times of her life. Oh, and while studying, or course.

I also gave her this necklace that I made when writing the tutorial for Crafting a Green World. I made some adjustments to it and added a little dangling fresh water pearl. She will be a fashionista on campus!

lace necklace

Here are the places I was at this week. I only mention these articles because while I might not write them here, I am still writing for blogs and on topics that I am passionate about: green living, green crafting, and ethical foods. So I hope you’ll read these and leave your thoughts on the posts.


I had a giveaway winner but she didn’t sign up for the e-mail updates and didn’t respond to my post about her winning. So I had to pick another winner who DID respond. So yay! She’s getting a year supply of Maxim’s Feminine Products. But that’s not all. Maxim was so impressed with all the entries for the giveaway that they offered to give my readers 15% off on purchases when you use the code ECOKAREN until August 15, 2011. They are being so generous. While I think reusable cloths are more eco-friendly, I know we have much more green options available now so if you are using disposables, you should definitely try these chemical free products.

And then, I wrote about a landscape designer who was fined for having a lush green front yard instead of grass. Isn’t that ridiculous? I thought I heard everything when I wrote about a woman in Michigan who was fined for raising vegetables in her front yard. Boy, am I glad that those officials are not seeing my front yard!

Crafting a Green World:
Quilt using the Applique Method –> Tutorial for the quilt
First World Trash –> cool bags re-using billboard vinyls.

Green Living Ideas:
Keeping Your Summer Safe–> tips on keeping summer safe

The Perennial Chef:
White House Pushing GMO Plants –> Some people still don’t know what GMO is?
Defending Organic Foods –> like the title says.
Local Online Magazines Mention Perennial Chef –> The Perennial Chef gets featured.

Hope you had a great week! It’s going to be another scorcher this weekend in NY. I may or may not go to a U-Pick farm for blueberries but we’ll see.

Have a great weekend!

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I LOVE the quilt. Gorgeous. The jeans looks great. :D