DIY: Tips on Braiding Fabric Yarn Tangle Free

It just dawned on me. I should have posted this tutorial before  I posted the actual coaster tutorial. That was dumb on my part. I apologize for that.

But did you make the coaster after reading the tutorial? Are you planning to make one this weekend?

Great! I know it might be too simple for some of you but I thought there are those who never braided before.

But if you did try braiding, you probably ran into this tangled mess problem, like I did. And as promised, here is my simple tip on keeping your fabric yarn tangle free.

Tips on keeping fabric yarn tangle free when braiding

When I was braiding the coaster, I thought braiding would be a cinch – like braiding hair. So I started it right away, without thinking that the three strands of yarn would do the Tango and get all tangled. Even though I rolled the yarn into balls, they were still getting intertwined.

tips on braiding fabric yarn tangle free

So, I came up with using toilet paper tubes to keep them separated. None of that shenanigan stuff on my watch!

1. If you are smarter than I, you’d make the center pull ball before starting to braid. But if you forgot, like I did, grab the middle part and start wrapping it around your index finger, as if you cut your finger and you are using gauze to wrap the cut.
2. Keep wrapping around your finger to make a cylindrical shape ball – not a round ball but a elongated ball since they will be inserted into the toilet paper tubes.
3. When you are done, take the end piece 4.) tuck it nicely underneath one of the last strands on the outer layer.

tips on braiding fabric yarn tangle free2

5. See how the ‘ball’ is not exactly a ’round’ ball shape?

6. Insert the balls inside toile paper tubes. YES! Toilet Paper Tubes. Don’t worry. They are clean.

7.  Tug on the yarn to make sure it doesn’t fall out of the tube.

8. Do the same for other two tubes. Excuse the paper on the tube. I was rushing to finish the tutorial. :)
tips on braiding fabric yarn tangle free3

And Ta Dah! Now you have well behaving yarn that won’t get all intertwined, leaving you free to braid your life away.

Keep Fabric Yarn Tangle Free When Braid

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