A Bug’s Life

I normally don’t get squeamish about bugs, as long as they are not on my body.

In fact, I think these praying mantis are really cool. They are huge and majestic. But they are also aggressive. They’ll attack you if they feel threatened. You don’t see too many bugs that you can see their heads turn and follow you when you move in front of them.

This one sitting on top of my BBQ was doing just that……following me, eyeing my camera, looking to see when he can jump on me.

He didn’t scare me but when he turned his head towards where I was going, he scared me, a little. Click the photo and see his green eyes staring at you.

Then, I saw this brown cockroach kinda looking bug on my driveway and I knew I didn’t like him. I had no idea what it was until I posted it on facebook and someone said it was a “Stink Bug”.

A stink bug? Are there any bugs that don’t stink?

It turns out, this one literally stinks! I was lucky. I didn’t smell any stink but this one didn’t run away either. It came towards me!

They must know I don’t get squeamish around them.

But I have to tell you I have my limits. I won’t eat bugs for food. Seriously.

Why do I say that?

Look at this infographic.

Eating Insects - The Most Eco-Friendly Meat

Source: Food Service Warehouse

Would YOU eat bugs for food and nourishment? That is, if you had a choice? I crunched a little cricket in my roast beef when I was in college once. I never forget that iron taste in my mouth. *shudder*. Not. Pleasant.

This is an important issue as tomorrow is Blog Action Day and it’s all about FOOD. I’ll be participating and will be blogging about FOOD tomorrow too but with world’s population reaching 5 billion by the end of the month, sustainable food is a big problem, and so is poverty and famine.

Anyway, I hope you’ll join me tomorrow. Right here and talk about FOOD.

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  1. says

    Hello from that someone!

    But iron is good for you! How about some sauteed crickets in garlic butter? :-)
    Well, I think we need to leave some protein for the birds. We can’t be greedy and take their bugs too.

  2. says

    This must be the time of year for Praying Mantids (I looked it up, that’s the “official” plural). I took photos of two that were on the side of my house a couple of weeks ago. It is pretty cool (or maybe eerie) how they will watch you.

    I didn’t mind stink bugs until I figured out that they will destroy tomato plants. I saw a few stink bugs and their cousins, the leaf-footed bug (looks like a stink bug but with “flags” on their lower legs) on my plants and didn’t think anything of it, until the day I saw a bunch of bright red critters that looked like a cross between an ant and a spider chowing down on a tomato. I hunted around online and found that’s one of the “baby” stages of the stink bug family. Pure evil! At least if you are trying to grow tomatoes.

    I wish you’d include a link to your site in your email, making it easier to comment on a post when I have something to say. :)

    • says

      I’m going to change the e-mail delivery to Feedburner but I think you still have to click the title for it to go to the actual blog for you to comment. Is that what you mean?

      I guess bugs have to eat too but you are right – when they eat ‘our’ food, they have something comin’!