Brag Your Green Blog

For the next few days, I will be tweaking the rooms (‘pages’ –  for those of you who haven’t kept up with my analogies) here and will be adding some new features as well. So bear with me while I hang more pictures on the wall and continue to do some last minute touch ups. I don’t know when I’ll ever be done but it’s an evolving venture, this blogging thing. Don’t you think?

But I want to give you a sneak peek on one of the new and exciting features called, “Brag Your Green Blog” I haven’t decided on what day or how many times I’ll be featuring them – it all depends on how many participants are going to submit.

Meanwhile, if you have a “Green Blog” or want to recommend one, please leave me a message. I’d love to review the blog and feature it here. I think the readers would appreciate a blog review, it’s kinda like a book review.


My definition of “Green Blog” is… if your blog’s content qualifies at least fifty percent of the following, then you can be considered for the feature.

  1. Eco crafters- do you make eco friendly items and feature them on your blog? Do you showcase your thought process how you came to creating them? what inspired you to create eco friendly item? do you blog about tutorials? Then, you are a green blogger.
  2. Eco Services – do you have an eco service company like cleaning or consulting, or feature other green services. You are definitely a green blogger.
  3. Tips, News, Articles – do you write about the environment? do you make average households get excited about greening their lives? do you give green advice? do you write articles about green products? then, you are ‘it’
  4. Do you do what I do – virtually all of the above? Then, I want to hear from you.

The blog has to be reader friendly, pleasing to eyes, and easy to navigate, etc. etc….If you shoot me an e-mail using the “Contact” tab on top – I made that…….smiling proudly :) I will send you the information on how to be featured. Hope I’ll hear from you soon!

Have a beautiful green day! ♥

*Disclaimer – Since I am featuring you on my blog, I have the right to refuse to feature you if I don’t think your blog is fitting for my readers. Sorry. I don’t mean to sound mean but you know I have to put it out there because there are all kinds of people who will misunderstand my intentions.