Is Walmart on the right track in eliminating toxins from their products?

Walmart announced it'll eliminate toxic chemicals by ecokaren

Back in April of 2013,  Safer Chemical Healthy Family (SCHF) started  Mind the Store Challenge and urged 10 biggest retailers, including Walmart, to change their policy on toxic chemicals and to create an action plan to address 100+ hazardous chemicals in their consumer products. And kudos to their persistent pressure with emails and petitions, Walmart recently announced… 

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US-China Greener Consumption Forum: Power of the Purse and Climate Change

us-china greener consmption

The impact of consumption on climate change and the environment is obvious wherever you look. Elizabeth Cline’s book “Overdressed” clearly made the readers understand the cause and effect of consumption. Consumer demand is high, leading to the most rapid use of natural resources, energy, and water in producing goods to meet the high demand. And… 

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Toxic World of Cheap and Fast Fashion

Collage of pretty girls doing shopping in department store

Fast fashion or cheap fashion is a term that I never thought I’d hear. Fast food, yes, but fast fashion? Who would have thought that we’d live in a society that makes disposable clothes that we toss in the garbage because the next best trend just appeared in the windows of a H&M or Forever… 

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Join the ENERGY STAR Team with Lorax and Me!


This year’s allergy seasons was exceptionally hard  on my family. They have been suffering since February – that’s early! – with sneezing, watery eyes, exacerbated Eczema, post nasal drip … you name it, they’ve had them. I was wondering if the mild winter we had had anything to do with it and sure enough, Rutgers… 

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EILEEN FISHER opens Green Eileen Shop


One of my all time designers is EILEEN FISHER. (Do you recognize this cardigan? Yeah, I know; she wears it far better than I did last week! Shush!.) Her timeless ensemble makes dressing as easy as summer breeze. All the pieces can be matched up without too much stress and they are perfect for any occasion…. 

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