Earth Day Events with Green Sisterhood

earth month with green sisterhood

Every day should be “Earth Day” but it’s April and it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t emphasize the importance of keeping us and the planet in check to remember this year’s Earth Day, April 22nd. I know I’ve expressed dismay about how Earth Day is celebrated but this year will be different for me… 

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Proposal to Ban Plastic Microbeads in NY

microbeads ban in NY by ecokaren

Microbeads are tiny plastic beads used in exfoliating face and body washes in personal care products like lotion and toothpaste. The beads act to gently exfoliate or scrub away dead skin cells. I fully understand the need for better personal care products that give you improved results but I’m not sure about using plastic beads… 

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Toyota Prius #PlugInForCharity #MPGChallenge 3rd Wave Results

toyota pluginforcharity ecokaren

Toyota Prius Plug In For Charity MPGChallenge ended a couple of weeks ago. The participants were kept in the dark as to who came in what place throughout the challenge and we weren’t allowed to reveal what mileage we got until the final result was announced on Monday August 19, 2013. And now, I am… 

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10 Things I Learned Driving in #PlugInForCharity MPG Challenge

Prius Plug-In Challenge

If you follow me on social media or have seen me gallivanting around town in my Toyota Prius Plug-In, you’d know how much I love the car. And I smirk at the other drivers and onlookers as they curiously gawk at the car, emblazoned with phrases like, “I’m lowering greenhouse emissions and raising money for… 

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Ecokaren In Prius Plug-In MPG Challenge for Autism Speaks

Pluginforcharity by ecokaren

I am thrilled to tell you that I’m participating in an exciting charity event called, #Puginforcharity – The Prius Plug-In MPG Challenge. And if when I win – I gotta be positive, right? – I will be donating my winning prize of $2,500 to an organization that’s dear to my heart, Autism Speaks. Danica Patrick might get… 

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