Bring Back Home Economics Classes in School

sewing classes ecokaren

I’ve been thinking how kids these days don’t know the basics of home keeping. I mean, they don’t know how to cook (microwaving Bagel Bites doesn’t count), hem a pair of pants (duck tape, anyone?) or know the difference between an incandescent and a CFL lightbulb (incandescent lightbulbs will be phased out and I can… 

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De-Clutter 2012 Challenge Finale


I don’t know about you but “De-Clutter 2012 Challenge” has been a rewarding experience for me so far. But I learned that it’s definitely a “work-in-progress” as it’s never really “done” or “finished” and that I will need to continue to de-clutter in little bites and organize throughout the year. And I will definitely use… 

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De-Clutter 2012 Challenge: Interview with Sustainability Coach Lynn Fang & eBook Giveaway


We hear the word, “Sustainable” or “Sustainability” intertwined with “eco-friendly” and “green” a lot. But how does one live a sustainable life? How does de-cluttering and organizing affect the process? Lynn Fang, in her latest eBook, gives practical tutorials on living more sustainably. Lynn is a Sustainability Coach, environmental blogger, and food activist. She writes… 

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De-Clutter 2012 Challenge: Simple Scandinavian Design

architect's flat

When I think of clutter-free home, I think of Scandinavian designs. Simple. Teak. Empty spaces. Frank Lloyd Wright (ironically, an American architect with similar design style.) So I asked my friend, Sonya Kanelstrand, a staff writer on Green Living Ideas and Etsy business owner of Kanelstrand to explain Scandinavian home decor to me. Sonya lives… 

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De-Clutter 2012 Challenge: Stop the Junk Campaign

junk mail

Did you know that “Every year, 85,000,000,000 catalogs, credit card offers, and other ads are sent to households. It requires literally 100 million trees’ worth of paper, and much of it is unwanted and discarded.”? …that’s according to The Green life. I’m guilty – I’m one of those households. I still get some of those… 

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