De-Clutter 2012 Challenge Finale

I don’t know about you but “De-Clutter 2012 Challenge” has been a rewarding experience for me so far. But I learned that it’s definitely a “work-in-progress” as it’s never really “done” or “finished” and that I will need to continue to de-clutter in little bites and organize throughout the year.

And I will definitely use Debbie Lillard‘s easy C.P.R., method to Categorize, Purge and Rearrange to organize my life. But the biggest take away from this challenge for me was not to hold on to things for sake of saving them, ‘just in case’ I need them later. I also need to organize volumes of photo albums that I haven’t really touched since we started using a digital camera, not to mention thousands of photos that are taking up space in my hard drive.

I will continue to use following tips I’ve mentioned during this challenge and tackle a sizable number of tasks to tackle every day.

  • De-Cluttering Tip #1Leo Babuata’s De-Cluttering Tips
  • De-Cluttering Tip #2 Manage Your To-Do List
  • De-Cluttering Tip #3 How to De-Clutter Sentimental Items
  • De-Cluttering Tip #4 Debbie Lillard, Professional Organizer’s Tips on How to De-Clutter
  • De-Cluttering Tip #5 Simple Scandinavian Design
  • De-Cluttering Tip #6 Living the Transformation
    So as promised, I am listing the items that I’ve donated, recycled, and left for future consideration/donation during this challenge. And I continue to make piles and organizing more items to be donated, recycled, and use later.


    1 Wool Suit
    5 Pairs of Wool Pants
    2 Denim Pants
    3 Cotton Sweaters
    2 Turtle Necks
    1 Hat
    1 Scarf
    3 Winter Jackets

    5 Textbooks
    12 Hardcover Books
    17 Paperback Books
    4 SAT Prep Books

    1 Sleeping Bag
    1 Sm. Vacuum Cleaner
    5 Towels
    5 Coffee Mugs
    6 Flower Vases
    2 Slightly Used Luggage


    8 Glass Jars
    28 Magazines
    17 Notebooks
    4 Wine/Liquor Bottles

    Left to donate later

    3 XL Bags of summer clothes


    It feels great to finally see some progress in each corner of my house. Yes, I still have a lot more to get through but little by little, I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

    And as the Quakers’ belief in “non-consumerist lifestyle based on being and becoming, not having”, I hope to live as simple as possible.

    Thank you all for participating in this awesome challenge with me. I hope you’ll continue to strive to live simpler lives with less clutter, less ‘stuff’ and more space in your home and in your mind.


    1. dwhite2762 says

      It was fun but I am going to keep at it. I still have the garage and my knitting stash to go through. I got rid of 3 large garbage bags to donate and most of the things that I donated were new, they just didn’t look on me or they felt wrong. My goal for the rest of the year is a simple space to live in and create.

      • karen says

        Oh my gosh, I didn’t even get to the garage. I think that’ll take another year!

        I sold a box of knitting stuff on eBay and got all my unused stash out of the house last year. That felt sooooo great. Of course, I lost money on it, but since the items were light, shipping didn’t cost that much and I was SO happy that they all went to someone who needed them and was willing to pay for them. I just want my ‘stuff’ to find a happy home, ya know?

        Thanks for participating on the challenge and committing to continue as I am. It has been very helpful to have the support.

    2. says

      An impressive list of items that you culled from your home. Good job. I’m still working on things here at my place, but I’ll get it all done eventually. :-)

      • says

        Thanks Jen,
        Does it ever get ‘done’? lol.

        I am making de-cluttering my year long goal this year. I am committed to clean my house of everything I don’t use. Period. Gawd help me getting my family to cooperate.

        Otherwise, I’ll have to be a stealthy Ninja and work nights to de-clutter.

    3. says

      Great job Karen! That’s a long list of stuff you have de-cluttered! I have been keeping a list as well, and I am hoping to blog about my own efforts a little later this week. Your challenge has been full of great tips and ideas. Thanks!

      • says

        Hi Bee,

        Can’t wait to read your list! I’m so glad you enjoyed the tips. I keep going back to them when I get discouraged. Let’s keep it up!

    4. says

      Wow, great job! I got rid of three bags of clothing, about three feet of books, returned some odds and ends that I had borrowed from various people on indefinite loan (but wasn’t really using), and a handful of CDs. I still have a handful of things that I should try to freecycle, but I’m a little disenchanted with freecycling right now.

      I wonder how much stuff came into my house this month? I’m confident that I’m at a net loss of stuff, but still, I know at least a few things sneaked in.

      • says

        LOL. It’s not enough that you have your stuff to deal with but you were holding onto other people’s stuff too??

        I am not liking freecycle so much anymore, for various reasons. I heard that Beth Terry is banned from Freecycle in her area too. :(

        Net loss of stuff is good. Let’s keep it that way this year. Thanks for joining in on this fun challenge!

    5. says

      That’s a lot to clear out! My things are fairly un-cluttered, though my kids and husband are another story. Any advice on getting other members of the household to get on board? I mean really, who’s he kidding thinking he’s going to re-read his ancient history tomes?

      I haven’t even thought of the photos on my hard drive, though, That definitely needs some attention!

      • says

        I hear you about un-cooperative family members. I tend to make piles when they are not looking so its not a World War III when I am cleaning out. And, I make it conditional; you want new clothes? Make room in your closet for them. Want new toys? Donate old ones to make room for new ones. Want new books? Donate the old books and make room on the shelves. In theory, it’s simple, I know. But hopefully when they see how we are, they’ll get the hint.

        Good Luck!