Earth Day Events with Green Sisterhood

earth month with green sisterhood

Every day should be “Earth Day” but it’s April and it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t emphasize the importance of keeping us and the planet in check to remember this year’s Earth Day, April 22nd.

I know I’ve expressed dismay about how Earth Day is celebrated but this year will be different for me because I’m celebrating Earth Day the entire month of April with Green Sisterhood using social media to get the message out.

If you are on Instagram and Twitter, you want to know about this fun earth loving activities so you can participate too. I’m so excited to use social media to have some fun while sharing our thoughts on various earth loving activities. It’s so much better than getting a booth at an Earth Day Fair at one location, if you ask me.

Read the details below but first, follow me on Instagram (@ecokaren) and check #earthdaygs. Also follow me on Twitter (@ecokarenlee) so you can see all the tweets. Make sure to tag me or use #earthdaygs so I can see your posts.

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Join me in April for Earth MONTH #earthdaygs celebration!

Earth Day Events with Green Sisterhood

Instagram – April 1 through April 5th

If you are on Instagram, you can upload images that depicts each day’s theme and use the hashtag for each day. PLUS, use #earthdaygs and tag the participating bloggers so they can see what awesome things you do for the 5 R’s.

EARTHDAYGS Instagram Challenge

Twitter – Thursday April 3, 2014 9PM EST

Have you been on a Twitter Chat? It’s like speed dating where you chat with people you don’t know via Twitter using hashtags and answering questions for a chance to win a prize. It’s fast, fun, and you can learn a lot about things by reading what others say. You can also meet other like-minded people. This Thursday, there will be prizes from some of the most green companies that make reusable products that help us reduce waste. Prizes include, reusable bags, reusable straws, glass containers, glass water bottles and reusable utensil sets! You have to follow @Greensisterhood on Twitter and use #earthdaygs so you can enter to win prizes. Details are below.

earthdaygs twitter chat

Green Sisterhood Blog Party April 4 through April 25

Some of the Green Sisterhood bloggers will be blogging about the following topics on specific days. The list will grow as days go by so check back to see which blogs you should visit to learn about these topics. These are smart greenies who know far more than me. I learn a lot from these guys daily!

earth day with green sisterhood

Participating bloggers are: (In alphabetical order)

Almost all the Truth
Eco-Novice: Going Green Gradually
Green 4 U
Green Talk
Greening of Westford
Jen and Joey goes Green
The Soft Landing

So are you ready for Earth MONTH and help to get the message out? Leave your Instagram and Twitter handles in the comments so I can follow you!


Great article and such fun and clever ways on getting the word out and celebrating being more responsible with our resources! 

ecokaren moderator

@kitchendivablog  Thanks! i'm sure you have awesome green habits you would like to share with the world. Would love to see you participate!