Earth Hour App

You know Earth Hour is tomorrow, at 8:30 PM, right?

Every year, kids’ spring break is around this time so, we tend to spend this fun hour with friends in Upstate, NY, whom I have to remind about the benefits of being green. So this year, it’ll be another fun adventure, being in the dark for an hour, with a bunch of screaming teenagers and two confused four legged fur babies.

But this year, I will be showing them something really cool. Really rad. Really awesome.

I am going to show them my newEarth Hour 60+ appCan you hear them whooping now?

I read about this fun FREE app (e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e loves apps, especially FREE ones, right?) by The World Wildlife Fund for its annual Earth Hour awareness campaign. It is like a score card – a report card – that keeps track of all the wonderful green acts you do. And you can see what others are doing too.  The app takes the concept of Earth Hour one step further by encouraging people to do things to help the planet every day, not just for that one hour in March.

So I installed it on my iPhone.

According to Mashable, where I learned about the 60+ app, it “works a bit like a location-based service in that it has to-dos and check-ins. But for this mobile application, you’ll check in positive actions you’ve done from a list provided by the app; for example, you might use more natural lighting, change your air conditioning settings or install a water-saving shower head. As you check in more actions, you’ll earn achievements, which are shareable across larger social networks, as well.” Also, “the app aims to expand the geographic reach of Earth Hour. To that end, the WWF will be tracking individual and global check-ins and achievements within the app to gauge participation and impact around the world.”

That means, I can see what someone in India, let’s say, is doing and see how she compares to what I’m doing here in the U.S.

You don’t have to input every little act yourself. If you see an act that someone is doing that you are also doing, then, you can add it to your own list. You can select the person and then click “Do This” icon

and “Share” the act.

Or, you can “Add” your own story or go to “Next Step”and have further choices.

And now, your act is added to the list.

You can also share on various social media for your friends and followers to see what you are doing. Your act will be posted on your facebook wall or will be tweeted automatically.

Soon, the app should have Game Center support to boost friendly competition among its users. Nothing like “keeping up with the Jones” eh?

What this great video on what Earth Hour is all about.

Earth Hour 2011 will take place on March 26 at 8:30 PM, wherever you are.

Try this app to participate. Let’s have a our own competition, shall we?

Ready? Go!