Eco Etsy Baby Blanket Donation Drive for Enchanted Makeovers

Baby blanket for enchanted makeovers

When I was the Captain of EcoEtsy, a team on Etsy that’s made of eco-friendly sellers, we supported an organization called Enchanted Makeovers, an organization that helps homeless women shelters transform into inspiring space for families.

I stepped down from the team due to my busy schedule last year but I am still one of the leaders. Last month, Eco Etsy, with the new captain Myra’s initiative, started a baby blanket donation drive for Enchanted Makeovers. The team made some cute blankets to donate. Click HERE to check them out. Such generous members!

I made a quilt for my son when he started college but I didn’t make one for my daughter when she started last month. Long story short; she didn’t have t-shirts for me to make a quilt for her. So I’m making something else special but a baby blanket seemed like a perfect substitute for not making one for my own baby.

So, I was more than happy to make one to donate for a special baby.

baby blanket collage

This kids handprint fabric is very special to me as I used it to make my daughter’s photo album cover when she was born 18 years ago.


I also used this hand prints on my Chiropractic office’s business cards. I thought they signified the meaning of  “Chiropractic” – “Done by Hand” in Greek – really well. And how apropos that, now, I’m involved with handmade business on Etsy!

Baby Blanket for Enchanted Makeover

So when I decided to donate a blanket, I wanted to use this last piece of the print and I think it turned out really sweet. I used Modal flat sheet as the backing because it’s really REALLY soft and eco-friendly since it’s made from beech trees. I wish you can feel how soft it is.

babyblanket for enchanted makeover

What do you think? Do you think a baby will sleep well under this special blanket? I think my bear (Yes, THIS bear is MY bear) loves it. No, he’s not going with the blanket.

While my own babies are gone – sappy post coming soon – I am happy to contribute a special blankie to a baby in need. He or she deserve something soft and special.

I love Enchanted Makeovers for what they do for women and their babies in need and I am more than happy to help them again.

What organization do YOU support? I’d love to find more I can  help.


  1. carlettastevenson60 says

    I think that the baby blanket you made is beautiful! Any baby would be lucky to have it, and I think that any mother would appreciate it. In my hometown, we have an organization called the Hi-Point Women’s Center. It is a place that pregnant women and women with babies can go to get help. They earn “incentive bucks” to get such things as diapers, formula, wipes, etc. I try to help support this organization as much as I can with donations.