ecokaren is now mobile friendly

♥♥♥ Happy Valentine’s Day!! ♥♥♥

What? You didn’t know it was Valentine’s Day today? No worries.

Read my guest post on “Last Minute Green Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas” on Green Living Ideas. It’ll save your butt and some money too.

To keep up with the 21st century, (and because it’s Valentine’s Day) I give you … mobile friendly ecokaren!! Yay! Now  you can read all the posts on your phone (not while you are driving!), wherever you are, with its mobile friendly interface. I know this post is not  exactly about being green but it sorta is because I want you to have access to my green posts a.n.y.w.h.e.r.e.!! These are screen  shots for an iPhone but you can save the icons and bookmark ecokaren on any smart phones. Oh, and its good for iPads too. How awesome is that? Got your phone ready? Here we go.

1. Go to your phone’s browser and type in ecokaren. Then, hit the blue button “Go” on the bottom.

Voila! Here are the posts in chronological order.

Short post, right? No…..oh. I want to show you how to create an icon on your home screen so that all you have to do is to click on the ‘ecokaren’ icon on your phone in order for you to read my posts.

2. Click the icon with the arrow on the bottom of the screen after you are connected to ecokaren.

3. Then, click “Add to Home Screen”

4. Then, you can enter ‘ecokaren‘ as the name of the icon.

Unless you want to call it something else, like “Awesomeness” or “The Queen” or whatevah.

Then, click the blue “Add” button.

Voila! Now you have an icon for your awesomeness called ‘ecokaren’ right on your screen!

But if you don’t want to put it on your screen (and don’t tell me if you do cuz, I’ll be hurt) and you want to bookmark it (Oh, alright.), you have to go to this screen from step 3. and choose, “Add Bookmark“.

Now it’s bookmarked. Just make sure to click the blue button, “Done”

Now you can share any posts from your phone to all social media sites (and I hope you do!!) by using these icons. And you can even leave comments! And you know how much I just L. O. V. E. your comments!!

This is how the posts look.

How cool is this?

Now you can’t say, you couldn’t read it on your mobile phone. Aha!

Imagine all the places you can read ecokaren from now, Whole Foods (looking for that Dirty Dozen), Starbuckes (to see where I said that they’ll give you used coffee grounds for free), waiting for the bus, on the train, in the bathro…..(what??)