EILEEN FISHER opens Green Eileen Shop

One of my all time designers is EILEEN FISHER.

(Do you recognize this cardigan? Yeah, I know; she wears it far better than I did last week! Shush!.)

Her timeless ensemble makes dressing as easy as summer breeze. All the pieces can be matched up without too much stress and they are perfect for any occasion. And they are as comfortable as pajamas. Seriously.

But, I have to admit; the price point is not exactly in my every day budget. So I think I’ve drooled over her clothes more than I actually wore the pieces I own.

And what’s even more painful is that her corporate headquarter is right here in Westchester County, over looking the beautiful Hudson River, less than ten minutes from my house. Taunting, indeed.

But no more will she taunt me because she opened a brand a store called Green Eileen – a brand new concept and yet, not exactly ‘new’ – that sells donated and recycled EILEEN FISHER clothes. Yes! It’s a thrifting concept on a whole another dimension!

And as stated on a sign inside the store, all proceeds from the sales “support programs that uplift and empower the lives of women and girls in our local, national and global communities.” by EILEEN FISHER Community Foundation. Here is a list of organizations they support.

Even the simplest display was organically and naturally done. Only EILEEN FISHER can get away with using rocks as display! Love it!

This is where you will get jealous…When I went to EF’s headquarters to return my beloved, albeit short lived, organic drapery cardigan that I borrowed from EILEEN FISHER’s Manhattan showroom, Tara from the Eileen Fisher Women Owned Business Grants department (oh, this is another beautiful charity work Eileen Fisher does within her company- she gives grants to women owned businesses that combine principles of social consciousness, sustainability, or innovation  every year. :) ) invited me to attend the VIP Grand Opening party! I was already enamored with the concept of this awesome store but to be invited to a VIP party hosted by Eileen herself?!!!??! The only way I wasn’t going to go was if I broke my lower extremities!

How’s “rethink” as one of the “R’s”? Isn’t it brilliant?

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recyle, and RETHINK!

And here is the “shy” (surprised?) and laid back grand Dame of sustainable fashion herself, giving all the credit for this concept to her staff…talk about a giving person! {She’s wearing black sequenced wrist warmers! Swoon.}

Here is humble Eileen speaking to her guests about the store.

And she didn’t mind taking photos with her guests! Mary of Herban Lifestyle (you know my favorite shampoo bar company?) stopped by on her way to visit her family. It turns out, she is just as a big of a fan of EILEEN FISHER as I am! (Don’t we look like bookends?) 

We had a great time, talking to Eileen’s (I think we are on first name basis now :)) friendly, enthusiastic and passionate staff about the concept and why they decided to open a recycled clothing store. Not only are the prices reasonable, but all the donated clothes are industrially washed and carefully selected to be sold so you don’t have to worry about the stink factor or whether they are wearable or not. The clothes that are not fit to be sold, get used in EILEEN FISHER Lab for upcycling workshops.

I went back to the store today – (It’ll be my home away from home! I should just work there! The manager jokingly said, I can volunteer for a clothing allowance. I may have to take up on her offer!) – and bought a beautiful linen skirt, a sweater and a tank top for my daughter. Even my 16 Y.O. daughter loved the store!

I spoke to JhaQuaisha, a very friendly store assistant (all of Eileen’s staff I met are so darn nice!), who said,

I love working at Green Eileen. The atmosphere is awesome and I love the customers. It gives you the feeling like you are at home.

She’s right. The store is calm and soothing. It’s furnished with sofas and lounge chairs, like your living room. When I asked her how customers’  reactions have been about the store, she said,

Customers “love” the idea. They think it’s absolutely brilliant for Eileen to do it. They are very receptive to the idea of donating to charities and some say it feels like they are shopping for a good cause. 

Hah! That’s how I felt. I can tell my Accidental Recycler, my wardrobe getting stylish was for a good cause! She took the words right out of my mouth!

I’m taking my mom to the store next week. Now, what kind of a clothing store is fit for three generations of women, if not at EILEEN’s??

We talk about recycling and reusing as ways to be green but to actually buy EILEEN FISHER’s outfits at Green Eileen Shop is the ultimate way to green your stylish wardrobe. And to help those women and girls in need!

I only wish there is a way to make Eileen’s recycled clothes available nationwide, to share them with you. Or may be not. :P

Thanks Tara and Eileen for inviting me!

*You can learn all about Green Eileen here and upcycling workshop schedule here.

**You can find out more about Women Business Grants here.
[FIrst image: from EILEEN FISHER]


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      Isn’t it great? RETHINK is the first thing we should do all the time!

      I don’t know what I started liking first, her clothes or her philosophy. No matter. I just think it’s awesome that even thru operating a big company like hers, she stands behind her philosophy in everything she does. And in areas she can’t, she makes up for it with all the good she does.

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    Karen – thanks for posting this! I was a (very fortunate) recipient of one of Eileen Fisher’s Women’s Business Grants in 2007 and it changed my life. PLUS I got to have lunch with Eileen. She really, truly walks her talk, and this new part of her business is exciting. Now, how can I justify a trip to New York??????

    • says

      Hi Alline,
      What an honor to be selected! And have lunch with Eileen! And yes, she really is true to her beliefs!
      How can you justify a trip to NY? Why, to visit Green Eileen’s Shop AND attend one of her workshops, of course.

      I hope I’d run into you at her shop soon. :)