Etsy Success Symposium and My Takeaway

I attended a symposium last Friday, by invitation from Etsy. To some of you, that might not sound that exciting but as a handmade seller on Etsy, living within a train ride to Brooklyn, NY, so it was so awesome to be accepted to attend this annual event. There were others who were wait-listed and I felt bad about that because they deserved to attend as much as I.

Anyway, although the seminar was for Etsy sellers, any on-line business owners would benefit from the information they covered.

The main honcho organizer, Nicky's Opening Remarks

Oh, look at this cool shot I took with my iPhone, while trying to dodge a cab from running me down.

Kids, don't try taking photos from the middle of an intersection in NYC. Trust me. 

My Personal Takeaway

A few take aways about my day at the symposium.

  1. I took the Metro North and two subways to Brooklyn from my home. Out of 10 “strap hangers” (old subway cars used to have leather straps and passengers used to hang on to them, ergo, subway passengers are referred to as “strap hangers” in NYC.) on the subway, 5 were reading digital books, 3 were listening to either their iPods or iPhones, and 2 were reading a magazine or newspaper. If that wasn’t the sign of the times, I don’t know what is.
  2. Public transportation from my house to Manhattan is ridiculously more expensive than driving my own car and parking at Etsy. Something is wrong with this picture.
  3. Etsy is making great strides to be green. Compostable utensils and lunch boxes for our lunches. About equal number of vegetarian and meat lunches were served. The swag bag was handmade with fabric and screen printed with the motif in the first image. No plastic waste. Awesome. Disclaimer form was in digital form and not on paper. Moe awesome.
  4. Etsy Admins really love to have fun and they are so “un-New York-like” friendly. May be it’s in the food they feed them at Eatsy (kitchen at Etsy that cooks lunch for the staff a few times a week!) Maybe it’s my “Let’s Party” hoop art I gave them last year that’s hanging on the wall that makes them happy. Whatever it is, they were really helpful and approachable. Two admins – that’s what sellers call them – sat with us during lunch to find out about us and ask if we wanted to ask questions or if we have any suggestions. I felt like we were at a College Ppen House.
  5. So, since they asked, I told them to look into offering an Affiliate program, as per my friend Beth’s request. Yay! That would be so awesome.
  6. I asked Danielle from Etsy Education team about availability of support materials for us to use to teach classes like the one I’ll be teaching. She sent me what she uses the next business day! and I can’t wait to read it!
  7. I sat down with Grace Kang of Pink Olive and Retail Recipes for my one-on-one consultation and talked a mile a minute about my ideas and plans. She was amazingly patient as she listened and simply said, “Sounds like you have everything planned out and don’t need anything else. Now go do it!” That’s the advice I needed to get me going!

If you want to know e.x.a.c.t.l.y. what was covered at the symposium, you can check out my detailed bullet pointed post  “Etsy Success Symposium 2012″  on Eco Etsy’s blog.

Two geniuses behind Making us successful every day, "Heymichelle" and "Daniellexo" have way too much fun at their job.

Now what?

While listening to the speakers and soaking it all in, I realized that I’ve beeb really busy lately. I spoke at Martha Stewart’s Dreamers into Doers annual event. I’ve been interviewed and even co-hosted a show on The Green Divas Radio. And most recently, I was interviewed for a The Green Business Entrepreneurs Success Summi that’s taking place on April 17th. You can sign up for free and listen to my interview about selling on Etsy at 5PM. Starting April 17th for five weeks, I will be teaching a class on “How to make money selling on Etsy”  for the Community College.

I am very grateful for these amazing opportunities. I am wondering how lucky I am that I’ve been “featured” in so many awesome places. And as write this, I am finalizing additional projects and opportunities that I will be announcing shortly.

But as result of being pulled from so many different directions, I haven’t been able to pay too much attention to my Etsy shop. While I have been so blessed to have been involved with great opportunities, I miss operating my shop, especially after listening to the speakers at the Etsy Success. Being in the room filled with energetic speakers and motivated sellers with a common goal, I realized that I need to get back to the reason why I started this journey in the first place.

And one more reason why I need to reopen my shop soon – – –

I’ve been invited to attend the taping of Martha Stewart’s Etsy episode on April 23rd!!

Holy Etsy! I KNOW!!!

Being an audience at Martha Stewart’s Show is as close to being her guest on the show! And I’ve been asked to bring something from my shop. So, I’m going to make more necklaces like these and listing them in the shop. I have spring designs so stay tuned…!

Breaking up is hard to do

How am I going to do all this? Well, I had to take some things off my plate. And one of them was Green Living Ideas.

I decided to step down from my editorship so I can have more time to devote to my shop and my “new” opportunity. I’m sad about this decision as I’ve worked hard to get the site up to speed since I took it over nine months ago. I learned so much from the folks over at Important Media. David, Zach, and Becky have been so supportive with all my suggestions and my nit picking blog issues. I recruited one of my writers to take over and I’ve been busy handing over all the details to her this week. While I’m sad about leaving, I am so relieved in knowing that GLI is in good hands. I know she’ll do a great job! I’ll miss that site as it is filled with so many great green information. I’ll be sure to continue to read it daily though. :)

I am excited to start creating again. I’ll keep you posted as to where my creativity leads me. :)

Oh, look at this silly photo we took at Etsy Lab.

We did some goofing around too. I got to meet Nicole from The Caramel Jar! Don't we look like sisters?



Here are some more awesome Etsy sellers I met.

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Have a great weekend!