Fabulous Friday Featured Seller – Mirabeans


Mirabeans came out of my love of making creations out of fabric. I want people to put on my designs and feel happy, care free and ready to laugh. I like fabrics that feel good to wear and make you feel good inside and I do my best to use recycled and reclaimed fabrics whenever I can.

Whether it is giving new life to a well worn sweater or reshaping a favorite old skirt, there is something really rewarding about taking something old and turning it into something new. Some of the items I have been working on recently are fleece lined mitts and gloves made using recycled sweaters, scarves and jackets as well as totes from reclaimed corduroy.

I try to pour as much fun and happiness as I can into each item with the hopes that you will get as much enjoyment from wearing it as I got from creating it.

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