Fabulous Friday Featured Seller – Animalartista


Cats or dogs?
cats and dogs, love them both!

Fruit or chocolate?
fruit dipped in chocolate

Favorite color?
purple and red

Favorite meal?
just love eating in general

City break or weekend in the country?
weekend in the country or the beach

Soaps or documentaries?

Bath or shower?

Dress or jeans?
jeans definitely

Your favorite material?

What brought you to Etsy? Tell us about your shop.
found out about Etsy from another Etsian at an art show. I have been painting and making almost anything I can think of since I was about 3 years old. My shop has paintings and jewelry as well as upcycled shadow boxes, I call Wall Bling. My grandma passed away some 7 years ago and I just went to my grandpas house to pick up some of her jewelry and jewelry making supplies. What a treasure trove. That’s what inspired the Wall Bling. My grandma was such a wonderful person and she also loved making everything. She used to have a shop called the Needlecrafter in Boulder, CO, for years, where I used to “help out” starting when I was 5. I helped with the sewing classes. So the creativity definately runs in the family!

How is your shop eco-friendly?
I always recycle whenever possible, anything and everything. I use fabric bags at all stores. I try to reuse all shipping materials, when I have a sale, from reused bubble wrap to reused envelopes and jewelry boxes.
We have definately replaced all bulbs in our house to cfl’s.

What’s the favorite item you’ve made so far?
I think I like my Upcycled Smile Flower Box the best, because it always makes me smile when I see it!

How do you see your store developing?
for my stores development, I am curious as to what new things I will come up with next. I have an idea for some bracelets that I am needing to make the time to create, also some new paintings to replace the ones I’ve sold.

Shop: Animalartista