Fabulous Friday Featured Seller – Maram

Today’s Fabulous Friday Featured Seller is Maram from Columbus OH.

Cats or dogs?
Well, I have one dog who is definitely part cat . . . and the other dog is a scaredy-cat.

Star Wars or Sleepless in Seattle?
Star Wars – but only the original 3 please. My first encounter with a princess who could kick ass all on her own.

Follower Hair Pin by Maram

Fruit or chocolate?
Fruit dipped in chocolate please – I’m a nerd for fondue. And chocolate.

Favorite color?
Green, of course.

Favorite meal?
Every meal. I love food. I love going to my local farmers market to find all kinds of treasures – most recent find: amazing local goat cheese.

Your favorite material?
Anything that I can find and use for a new purpose – old sheets, curtains, clothes, wool sweaters, belts, ties . .

Felted Flower Pin by Maram

What brought you to Etsy? Tell us about your shop.
The only thing that ties all my work together is the fact that everything somehow incorporates recycled materials. Bags, purses, accessories, handmade paper gift tags . . . all upcycled!

How is your shop eco-friendly?
All of my work is made with some recycled/repurposed materials. I have lots of fun fabric hunting at thrift stores, and going through people’s long-neglected fabric stashes. Some of my work – like my ‘Oh Sheet!’ bags – are made with 99% reclaimed materials – only the thread is new!

Sheet Bag by Maram

Do you sell anywhere else?
I sell at a few B&M stores in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio – Wholly Craft and Generation Green. If you live in C-bus and you’ve never been to these fabulous stores, they are both worth a trip.

What’s the favorite item you’ve made so far?
Usually my favorite thing is the last thing I’ve made . . . so right now that’s my new series of felted flower rings.

What have you been doing today that I’ve interrupted?
Oh, there’s a long list of things. I’m an excellent procrastinator.

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