Fabulous Friday Featured Seller – Piccoladonna 2006


I’m a 26 yo busy mom of 2 wonderful kids and I have this big passion for crochet that I’m trying to use to raise some money selling my “crocheted little things” as I like to call my works. I do not consider this like a job simply because I really enjoy crochet each and every piece!

Cupcake Pincusion

Cupcake Pincusion

Cats or dogs?

Cats, specially black ones

Star Wars or Sleepless in Seattle?

I don’t watch movie too much, I’m in Harry Potter now tho!

Fruit or chocolate?

Chocolate, can’t leave without it

Favorite color?


Favorite meal?

baked chicken with corn and mashed potatoes topped with gravy (all made by me from scratch of course!)

City break or weekend in the country?

city break

Bath or shower?


Dress or jeans?

neither….ehmmm sweat pants *sigh*

Your favorite material?


What brought you to Etsy? Tell us about your shop.

Need. My hubby was out of job and I had tons of yarn available. After making stuff for all the family, people started asking where they could buy that stuff and I started selling on line, on Ebay first without success and then in the forums I read about etsy and tried. I wasn’t sure how to go at first, but with the help of another amazing etsian (http://sweetirie.etsy.com) my shop is what it is now, thanks for her suggestions, critiques and tips :)

How is your shop eco-friendly?

I have hard time throwing away things and litter the landfills, so I always try to find a way to reuse paper and plastic. My shop is eco-friendly in many ways:

1- My jewelry and most of my small items are packaged in small boxed obtained by recycled paper….you’ll be amazed what a fancy magazine cover, few folding and cutting can do!

2- I recycled plastic to do some of my items like my plarn bags made out of common grocery bags

Crocheted Plarn Bag

Crocheted Plarn Bag

making ornaments out of bottles rings

Crocheted Mini Christmas Wreaths

Crocheted Mini Christmas Wreaths

and assembly pieces of scraps found in thrifts shops and such together

Crocheted Grocery Patchwork bag

Crocheted Grocery Patchwork bag

3- I make items that substitute some mono-use ones like my facial scrubbies, bath puffs, make up disks and washcloths

Cotton Facial Scrubby

Cotton Facial Scrubby

Do you sell anywhere else?

I have a shop on ArtFire: Crochetedlittlethings

What’s the favorite item you’ve made so far?

My cupcakes Christmas ornaments

What has been the most useful lesson you’ve learned about Etsy?

Pictures, pictures, pictures!!!! Having good picture it’s all that matter here, and I work on my EVERY DAY!!!! It never ends!

How do you see your store developing?

Well, I’m working on developing a whole line of products cupcakes or food themed. I’d like to stock my virtual shelves with useful things to pamper body and spirit with a fun, yummy looking. Always keeping an eye on what I can do for a greener Earth ;)

What have you been doing today that I’ve interrupted?

Was working on a wholesale order :)

Shops: Piccoladonna 2006 on Etsy and Crochetedlittlethings on Artfire


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    Thank you so much for the feature Karen, I will link your blog to mine!

    Waking at Amy too, I’m drooling on your jersey labels!! Going to get some soon I hope!