Alternatives for RSS when Google Reader Retires

google reader retiring
This short announcement has nothing to do with being green but it has everything to do with the way you read blogs, like this, to be green. And it may or may not apply to you because 1. you receive ecokaren posts via email (YAY!) or 2. you don’t use Google Reader.

But, just in case you haven’t heard,

Google Reader is retiring in July, 2013.

I guess it got tired of holding onto so many of my unread RSS feeds. :) But honestly, I don’t go “there” often, even though I added a few blogs there. But I always get important (favorite) blog posts delivered to my inbox, like I hope you are doing with ecokaren. That’s why I LOVE email subscribers because I KNOW you are receiving my posts in your inbox, uninterrupted. I don’t have to worry about a third platform going away, like Feedburner or Google Reader. I pay to have a email service like Aweber to deliver the posts to your inbox so you don’t miss out.

But if you like reading them as RSS feeds on Google Reader, what should you do now? Well, first, don’t hyperventilate. But read on.

You can transfer your favorite feeds to any of the following platforms before July so you don’t lose them. I haven’t tried some of these but I heard raving reviews about them across the web.

1. Netvibes – seems a bit heavy but it looks like it even makes coffee.
2. Feedly – this seems easy enough for any second grader to use.
3. The Old Reader – or it may just become “THE” Reader after Google Reader goes away. I don’t like that word ‘OLD’ anyway.
4. View RSS XML feeds – I use this version for RSS feeds and I LOVE it. I have a Mac and I can add RSS feeds right on my sidebar of the mobile me mail desk top. I don’t have to log into Google or anywhere else. I’m lazy. Go to the blog you like, and click on the RSS Feed icon (I don’t have one on this site but click here for my feed address.) and when you see this screen, click the bottom option that says “View Feed xml”. The feed will be added to your default email. Like I said, I don’t know how other email system handles RSS feeds but I get my feeds delivered to my desktop.
xml feed
5. Use your EMAIL to sign up for blogs you LOVE. See the pretty sidebar sign up form?? Or the one at the bottom of this post? Or one up above? Get the picture? Yea. I added them because I had a feeling I couldn’t rely on Google’s RSS feed readers or Feedburner.

OR if you really want to go to town and get dizzy, try any of these 50 alternatives. 50! Woomph!

Again, the BEST OPTION? —> Sign up with your email below or on the sidebar. It’s FREE! And I don’t spam you. Actually, I have a special present coming to my email subscribers so I GIVE stuff to you…not ask you for things. Except when it’s Christmas. Then, I’d want some organic candy canes.

So don’t fret if you are losing your Google Reader. Remember, there are more ways than one to get to Rome….or something like that.

What are you using for RSS feeds? Share in the comments. Maybe yours is better than those listed above.


  1. AdelZeller says

    I have used the “Brief” Add-on for Firefox ever since I began following blog feeds. It’s wonderful! It’s always kept up with the latest (now forced) Firefox updates, and it’s extremely simple and easy-to-use, and “built” right into my browser, so I don’t have to worry about 3rd party reader server availability or load time or logging in. I absolutely love it, wouldn’t think of switching to anything else.