Green Share for Earth Day and Happy Easter!

Yesterday was so gorgeous that I couldn’t stay inside. We used to color eggs for Easter but this year, I had different plans. But I ditched them all to plant more seeds, make more seed packets, and distribute them to my neighbors. I live in a small enclave of 24 homes and I know all my neighbors – well, so I thought. I met new neighbors who I didn’t know had moved into the neighborhood, and learned that a couple who live across the street is moving to San Francisco. :( I found out all this, because I wanted to share some seeds with my neighbors to celebrate Earth Day. I’ll miss Irwin and Yvonne but so glad to have met Ken and Blanca.

Emily and I made seed packets by using the templates from Eco Etsy’s past leader Lolaness. I used some leftover brown grocery bags from Trader Joe’s to make the packets. And Emily stamped my shop’s stamp on the outside.

Making seed packetsStamping

I used the seeds from Hometownseeds – an heirloom seed company that I am going review in a couple of weeks. The seed are “working” right now so when the seedling poke up to greet me, I’ll tell you all about the company.

hometownseedsseeds to share

I need all the help I can get when it comes to gardening so I cut out the planting instructions for those like me and glued them to the packets. I also wrote the company’s name so that if people want to know where the seeds came from, they can look them up.

packets with planting instructions

I used recyclable fruit containers I collected to plant the seeds to make little greenhouses. These are recyclable plastic containers with holes on the bottom and holes on the lids – for proper water drainage and ventilation. Since I wasn’t sure how reliable this crazy NY weather is in April, I thought these little greenhouse would be perfect. This way, the warm temperature the seeds need to germinate can be maintained without “cooking” the seeds. Am I wrong to assume this? I don’t know. I’ll let you know in a week or so.

Unfortunately, I live in a development that has a home owner’s association (HOA) so there are rules and by-laws. And one of many that I don’t like is that they spray pesticides and fertilizers on the property. Of course, they warn us to close the windows and don’t let the animals get on the grass immediately afterwards. But they reassure us that the chemicals they us are “safe”. Sure. Uh hum…That’s why I don’t grow anything in our grounds and that’s why I have to do container gardening. I cover the containers when they spray and the grass fertilizers don’t get into the pots.

I wish I can move to a house with my own property but it is what it is. I can’t change my dwelling at the moment.

I am excited to see how these seeds will do. I can’t wait how my tomatoes, cucumbers, swiss chard, peas, peppers, and corn will do this summer.

What are you growing in your garden? Do you want to join me and share some seeds with your neighbors for Earth Day? You’ll have a great time talking to your neighbors. Trust me. Try it. Here are the templates.

Happy Easter!

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