Happy Earth Tea Makes Me Happy

Ok, how corny was that title? But look what my mailman brought me over the weekend and see why I am happy.

Teas from my favorite tea shop on Etsy, Happy Earth Tea. YAY!

It was a perfect way to start the weekend since I’ve been busy, cleaning up Post-Sandy mess, putting items back in the emergency box, and re-stocking it. (Note to self: add some tea bags in the emergency box. Being without power is stressful so nice hot cup of tea might be just what we need the next time power goes out.)

Actually, a hot cup of tea is a perfect remedy for any stressful day – before, during, and after work. I know some of you tea aficionados might cringe at the size of my tea mug but I really, REALLY, love this tea and I’d hate to refill the tiny tea cups every ten minutes. I love a big mug of tea in the afternoon.

Happy Earth Tea doesn’t just make straight “Green Tea’ or “Darjeeling” Tea. He mixes different teas and herbs to come up with refreshingly different blends, like this Tulsi Ginger Tea.

Tulsi Ginger Tea

Tulsi Ginger Tea is made with holy basil and ginger. You can taste the fragrant basil but a bit of zinging taste of ginger makes it a perfect elixir for preventing anyone from getting sick…which is how I’ve been feeling since Sandy so this tea’s arrival was perfect timing! (I’m blaming everything on Sandy. I feel tired…..because of Sandy. I’m sick…..because of Sandy. I have no good in the fridge……because of Sandy…)

I do like the tea bags for this tea since I’m not feeling all that great to go through filling the teapot and all that. Just plop a tea bag in the mug and off to bed I go. Perfect.

Happy Earth Tea is a family run business that offer finely crafted organic artisan teas and herbal blends. The shop offers loose leaf organic green, black tea and herbal blends. They only offer the freshest and the most recent harvest. They know the tea growers personally from India and I am relieved to know that they are handpicked to the finest standards.

Happy Earth Tea’s mission is to spread the happiness a simple cup of tea can bring, one cup at a time.

I love supporting small handmade businesses and Happy Earth Tea certainly made me happy to support them. I hope you’ll get to try their tea. And if you do, please tell Niraj I sent you. Maybe he’ll throw in a few samples for you to try. :)

Here are my favorites:

Tulsi Ginger Tea

Tulsi Ginger Tea by Happy Earth Tea
Darjeeling Green Tea

Organic Hibiscus Tea

organic Hibiscus Tea by Happy Earth Tea

Lastly, did you know that used tea leaves and bags can be reused for many MANY things? Here are just some of the ways you can reuse tea leaves…and some benefits of tea 

Images: Courtesy of Happy Earth Tea