Happy Thanksgiving!

I was about to post about Thanksgiving – you know, what I am grateful for, how to green your Thanksgiving and what I am doing to prepare, and all that.

Then, I thought, you know all that already because I wrote about that last year! So why reinvent the wheel? Duh~

So today, I’m going to talk about Easter. No. I’m kidding.

I’m just going to tell you the “Cliff Notes” version of what I am doing this year.

First, I’m adopting Daphne from adoptaturkey.org in New York. Isn’t she cute? She kinda looks like Bubbles that I adopted last year. Maybe they are sisters. :)

Daphne frm Farm SanctuaryDaphne

Secondly, since I stopped eating meat, my Thanksgiving preparation will involve my trying not to preach, ok, maybe a little bit of preaching will be  involved, to my family about eating turkey, regardless how it’s hormone and antibiotic free and how it lived a happy life roaming the farm. Our turkey came from Hemlock Hill Farm this year (remember the post I did on local farms I visited earlier?) but it’s still a turkey that’s been sacrificed to be a symbolized meal for a holiday that has lost its meaning a long time ago.

Now, it’s all about stuffing ourselves until we can’t move, watching football, and planning strategies to tackle the “Black Friday” the morning after. It seems senseless to me. And don’t get me started on “Black Friday”.

Thanksgiving in Korea involves eating foods from the harvest – mostly grains and vegetables and bazillion kind of rice cakes. It’s to celebrate the prosperous planting season, and to give thanks to the harvest gods for providing another successful year’s supply of food.

OK, so we are not all farmers but still, the whole idea of looking back and giving thanks is still the spirit of Thanksgiving, isn’t it?

So, let’s give thanks for whatever we have, give to those in need, donate foods to community centers and to homeless shelters.

But most of all, let’s be really thankful for the loved ones we are with and the time we are able to spend with them.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!