Herban Crafts: My New {Ad}venture

I have partnered with Mary Kearns of Herban Lifestyle - you know the shampoo bar company that I LOVE?  - to form a new company, a for profit social enterprise called Herban Crafts.

I am really thrilled about Herban Crafts because it is not just another crafting kit company but a company that makes fun and practical (and totally useful) DIY kits. And what’s more, the ingredients are non-toxic, free of harmful synthetic chemicals and many of them are certified organic. In addition to ingredients being safe, the packaging is also eco-friendly as almost all recyclable, biodegradable and the box is made with 100% post consumer recycled cardboard with compostable handles. You will learn to make products that are not only useful but you’ll be able to buy refills in exact quantities to make more!

herban crafts

Social Causes We Support

But the part we are really excited about is that Herban Crafts is a for-profit social enterprise – meaning, we are a for profit company with a social mission. The kits will be prepared and packaged, in part, by the women in the context of our job skills training program, which will be facilitated by Masters level practitioners. The women will be carefully screened and selected based on their interest and motivation. And once their training is completed, they will ‘graduate’ with certificates, resumes, professional references, and we will do whatever we can to help them with employment in the community. We are conducting a pilot program with a DC area non-profit partner. Then, we plan to expand the program to NYC-based organizations.

In addition, revenue from sales of the kits will help support non-profit organizations that support women, as it is our mission to support women and girls beyond just those in our program

Herban Crafts Lip Balm


Herban Crafts Kits

Here are our initial health and beauty kits.

• Body Scrub
• Fizzing Bath Salts
• Mint Cocoa Lip Balm
• Bath Tea & Facial Steam
• Herbal Soap
• Citrus Spice Cologne

And as the company grows, we will add more versatile crafty kits.

We Need Your Help

As I mentioned, we are a social enterprise and in order to achieve our goal, we are asking our generous friends and readers to be a part of this wonderful start up by donating as little as $5 towards our IndieGoGo campaign. And if you donate $50 or more, you’ll receive our crafting kits as our “thank you”.

Here is a short video explaining all about our endeavor. I know you will be proud to know that YOU helped this great company start up to help people.

Mary and I thank you, in advance.

P.S. If you would like to see us make something for you to try, give us a shout. Maybe we will offer it in our next production.


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    I’m very excited about this new venture! I believe that it’s going to make a positive difference in the lives of the trainees, and I look forward to spreading the word about the joys of green crafting!