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Amara Shoulder Bag

I came across House of Botori in a networking group I belong to. I met the owner Kemi while she was crazy busy launching her new company and when I saw the gorgeous diaper bags she was selling, I immediately fell in love.

No, I’m not expecting and I don’t have anyone to give a diaper bag to.

But as strange as it sounds, this scene from the first episode of “Friends” kept popping into my head when I saw the diaper bag. No, there is no mention of diaper bags in this scene. But Rachel is exasperatedly trying to explain to her father why she ran off from her own wedding, using a purse metaphor.

Here. You just gotta watch this clip to understand.

See what I mean? When I saw this diaper bag, I pictured the diaper bag as Rachel, pleading with me that it didn’t want it to be a diaper bag. It wanted to be a camera bag. Crazy, huh?

Yes, I either love “Friends” too much or I needed an excuse to buy a new camera  bag. Either case, I couldn’t ignore its plea, so I bought it.

But can I help it? I mean, the big black Cannon camera bag made with Cordura nylon material didn’t hold my personal belongings so I always had to schlepp my purse AND the camera bag. That meant, I rarely took my big camera since I hated carrying the big black ‘luggage’. I mean, don’t camera bag manufacturers know what women have to carry in our purses already? .. and that carrying a heavy, not to mention, ugly camera bag in addition to a purse is a deal breaker?

No wonder I don’t use my SLR camera as often as I should (and yes, I blame it on the camera bag for taking horrible photos since I don’t get to take my camera out to practice as often.)

But since I got this bag, I’ve been taking my camera everywhere. Ok, my photography still needs work but hey, at least I’m taking it out of the house now.

House of Botori Bag Review

This is what I love about my new camera bag. It has:

  • VERY roomy interior that’s big enough for a big SLR camera (and probably a newborn.
  • Long handles.
  • Long adjustable strap.
  • A second set of short straps designed to attach to a stroller.
  • Feet on the bottom to protect the underside from surface damage. Great protection for my camera.
  • A light colored interior to make it easier to spot those ever-elusive items. Finally a bag that does NOT have black lining!
  • Magnetic closures for exterior pocket to make opening and closing ‘a snap’. LOVE this!
  • (4) Exterior pockets that include two large pockets on either side for large items and side pockets for bottles (for milk bottles I’m sure but I use it for an umbrella and water bottle)
  • (7) Interior pockets that include pen & pencil pockets (so handy since pens are notorious for getting lost inside a huge bag!), sunglasses (nice feature for quick and easy grab), cell phones (no more fumbling to find the ringing phone!), key fob and zippered compartment for your valuables.

Other Features:

  • Dirty clothes sacs for keeping the mess away from everything else (I use this for accessories for my camera. Or snacks. Hey, a photographer needs nourishment!)
  • Eco-friendly PEVA-insulated bottle holder (ECO-FRIENDLY y’all! And it’s perfect for my zoom lens since it’s tall and padded.)
  • A changing pad (use this to cover my camera for extra protection.)
  • There’s even a mini pouch for a pacifier (perfect for lens covers and a smaller lens)

Here is what the inside looks like.
Amara bag interior ecokaren

Amara Bag Interior Courtesy of House of Botori

Now, see how I use it as a camera bag.

Amara Bag as a camera bag by  ecokaren

Amara Bag with glasses case pocket ecokaren

Wallet Compartment Amara Camera Bag ecokaren

Amara bag water bottle compartment ecokaren

I highly recommend this bag for anyone who needs an organized purse or a tote. I hate big tote bags that are like abyss. I can never find anything and this compartmentalized bag is perfect!

Who would think this is a diaper bag, right?

So for the holiday, if you or know someone who needs a camera bag, or a teacher who needs a spacious bag for planners and supplies, this bag would be perfect! Oh yea, if you know someone who needs a diaper bag, your holiday shopping is done.

House of Botori Diaper Bag Giveaway

Kemi was generous enough to offer a bag for my readers so here is how to enter the giveaway for your chance. Lucky YOU! I had to pay for mine. ;)

Don’t forget, you have to use your email address to enter.

Good Luck!

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