How to Applique and Weekend Round Up

I have a short tutorial to tell you about.

With leftover fabric from the quilt I made for a friend’s daughter last week, I made her a pillow. It’s  a pillow that she can snuggle up with on the floor when she hangs out with her friends in her dorm room; a pillow she can lean against while studying for exams; a pillow she can cry on if things get rough.

I wanted to personalize it with the leftover denim (from her jeans) so I made an applique of her name with freezer paper.

I printed her name on the computer (because I have a horrible handwriting), then, I traced it onto the freezer paper. Then, I cut out the name.

ecokarenI gently ironed the name onto the denim (this is the back panel of the jeans I didn’t use for the quilt). Then, I cut out the name, basted and sewed it onto the front panel of the pillow.

ecokaren I also added some flowers made from the denim too.
..and a flower button.

ecokarenAdded piping and ruffles on the edges. This took me three days.

I kid you not.

I tried three different styles of ruffles and I didn’t like any of them. I settled on this style in the end. ecokaren I finished all the inside seams with piping and finishing stitches. Who knows how the pillow case will be washed in college. I wanted to make sure that the seams don’t fall apart.

ecokarenAnd, Ta Dah!

Do you think she’ll like it? I hope so.

Tip: You can make this pillow case with ANY flat sheet you have lying around. We don’t use flat sheets so this was a perfect project to use up cotton linen I didn’t use.

And when I wasn’t wrestling with ruffles, I was hanging out here this week.


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I have some family visiting this weekend so it’s going to be another busy weekend. How about you? Are you doing any exciting this weekend?