How to Build a Fire Book Review and Giveaway

Well, Erin Bried did it again! She wrote another handy dandy “How to” book. Erin is the author of back-to-basics handbook called “How to Sew a Button and other nifty things our Grandmothers knew“, a book I reviewed in January. I was so impressed by this chock-full-of-‘how-to’-info book that I picked her brain a little in an interview about her background and told her how, I think, she should write a sequel on what grandfathers knew. And guess what? She did!

She wrote a fantabulous book called “How to Build a Fire and Other Handy Things Your Grandfather Knew“!! Now, I know what you are thinking. “Karen, she took your advice and wrote a sequel!” Well, maybe. But I don’t think so. I think this was her plan all along.

The book goes on sale today and I’ve been buried in the book for a couple of days now and the first chapter says…. Wait. Oh yeah. I’m suppose to write the review.

Read on.

How to Build a Fire Review

how to build a fire by Erin Bried

Erin Bried interviewed ten wise grandfathers for this collection of yet another back-to-basics practical advice filled book for men and women. But I think all men, in particular, should read this book thoroughly.  I’ll tell you why, later.

This collection of wisdom filled advice from grandfathers who’ve “done-it-all” is a true picture of the hard times they lived through, the tough situations they faced, and oh, so tender moments they cherished with their loved ones. The book contains not only the hardcore practical DIY’s but also lessons on life, etiquette, relationships, and even tried-and-true personal grooming advice.

OK. The book.

I loved…

Without giving away the specific content of the book, I have to tell you what I loved about the book. The chapters were divided into neat categories of what I imagined gentlemen and adventurers of the past would actually do, even in this day and age. And they are divided into categories like:

Pioneering – how to build a fire (hence, the title of the book), paddle a canoe, plant a tree, split firewood, and even read animal tracks.

Fixing – Get Screwed (NOT what you  think. Take that mind out of the gutter), how to hang drywall, how to paint a room, how to clean your house (my favorite), how to change the oil, and oh so much more that we ALL can use, men and women.

Leading – how to be brave, how to support your family, how to leave work at work, how to work hard, and even how to handle bad news. (I really needed this advice this month!)

Prospering – how to buy a suit (some young men may need this), how to set goals, how to buy a car, how to buy a house, and of course, how to get a raise. (and who wouldn’t need this advice?)

Dressing (my favorite) – how to tie four tie knots (my son so needs this), how to wear cuff links (yes, men still wear cuff links), how to wear a hat (teenage boys, take note), oh and wait., how to dress for a date (LoVE it!), how to do laundry (oh man, oh man…..need I say more?), and how to sew a button. (HA! and this is from a grandfather!)

Thriving – How to get a perfect shave, how to grow a beard, how to wax a mustache (Salvador Dali comes to mind), and even how to wear cologne. (I wonder if Old Spice guy read this part?)

Bonding – many of us should memorize this section as it talks about how to mind our manners like how to be a good friend, how to shake hands, how to know when to keep quiet, and a must, how to apologize

Loving – this is the part that I think every men, specifically,  should read. It tells you how to write a love letter (and not in a text!), how to plan a date (and not through an online dating service), how to buy flowers (no, it’s not calling 1-800-flowers), and I love this, how to know when to take the plunge (I’ll give you a hint. The first step is “Find a nice one”. I’m still laughing at this one)

Oh, heck, I LOVE all the chapters. There are no chapters I didn’t love. It is not like “How to sew a Button” book. It is better. It is filled with advice that every one us can use. Not specific to one sex or another. Except for some men-specific rituals – although it wouldn’t hurt for us, women, to know how to wax mustache just in case the men in our lives need our assistance as with all things – all tips are invaluable. I mean, who wouldn’t want to know  how to build a fire. Watch this video as Erin skillfully builds a fire so that she can…oh watch the video and find out.

See what I mean?

I rest my case. We all could use more advice on life skills like that and more.

I wish it had…

Illustrations. I know I said this in my review of her first book but once again, this book doesn’t have illustrations. And even though there aren’t that many actual DIY projects to warrant a pictorial instructions, it would have broken up the text a little if there are some illustrations.

Anyway, all in all, the book is a huge hit in my book! Pun intended. The book is for sale starting TODAY online or at any of the big booksellers in your area.

But because I am so into the book and I know you’ll be too, I am offering a giveaway for one copy of the “How to Build a Fire”. I’d give you my copy but it has markings all over it. You wouldn’t want it. So Erin will send you a brand spanking new copy to you. All you have to do is leave a comment below. But first, read the rules. I know. I hate it too. But FTC tells me I have to tell you. So, here are the rules.

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