How to make a fabric flower

A fan on facebook asked me how she could make this brooch and I thought I’d post a simple tutorial so that you can use up your fabric scraps in a eco-fashionable way.

I saw some beautiful flower brooches, hair clips, headbands and fabric necklaces on Etsy and I, too, wondered how to make these flowers. I couldn’t find any tutorial so I experimented a few different ways and found this to be the easiest. I decided to use up some fabric scraps after making my silk furoshiki to make my first brooch. I must have done it right because I’ve never made the front page in the seven months I’ve been selling on Etsy, but the desert moon brooch made the front page! So here is the tutorial on how to make my eco-flower.

You’ll need:

  • Paper for making patterns. I dug up some from the recycle bin.
  • Scissors
  • A few seed beads (or a button)
  • Fabric remnants
  • Needle and color coordinating thread
  • Pin back if you are making a brooch.
  • Headband if you are making a flower headband
  • Hair pin if you are making a flower hairpin.

1) Cut as many circles out of paper as you need to make the flower. I decided to make seven layers so I cut seven different size circles as my pattern. Save these if you want to make more in the future.

2) Cut the fabric according to the pattern circles. You don’t’ have to cut edges exactly round or perfect. Flower petals aren’t perfect either and I think a little bit of irregular edges add a little personality.

3) Layer the petals. I cut different color fabric for each layer to add a little variety. You can use any color fabric you want – this is where your own personality and creativity come in. There is no rule for this.

4) Gather and layer the petals and stitch through all the layers. I stitched about 5-6 times all in the middle making sure all the petals are secure.

5) Add the seed beads (or a button) and sew them securely with the thread.

6) Finish the back of the flower in any way you want.

7) I am embellishing a pillow cover with the flower and wanted it to be removable so I added a pin.

8) The fabric I’m using here is silk or silk/polyester mix so the fabric is a little stiff. They can be fluffed up and shaped in any way I want. If you want to use any synthetic fabric like nylon, chiffon, tulle, organza, satin or any of those very light and sheer fabric, you will have to singe the edges if you want the flower edges to curl up. Yup, you can singe the edges to give that “curling” look. Just be very very careful with the lighter or the match. Synthetic fabric is very flammable and you can burn the whole thing (or your hair) if you are not careful. I did not singe the edges on mine. The fabric is too heavy and the edges won’t curl. I think the raw edges are kind of nice anyway.

9) And here is the final result!

Try making the flowers with different fabrics and colors. Mix and match them. They’ll add such style to anything you use them with. And they are so eco-friendly since you are using up fabric scraps. Let me know how yours turned out.

Here are some beautiful ones I found on Etsy. I don’t know it they were made the same way as mine but they are gorgeous, aren’t they? Hope they’ll leave me a comment here and let me know if I was on the right track with this tutorial.


  1. Anonymous says

    What I’m dying to know is how do singe the other sheerer farics? I love that look! Any idea how to do it?

  2. ecogeneration says

    Thanks for stopping by. I tried singing thin polyester fabric and it worked. If you look very closely at some of the flowers on Etsy, you can even see some of the darkened singed edges. I used a lighter….very carefully. It’s time consuming but the result is worth the effort.

  3. Anonymous says

    These are beautiful thanxs for sharing, I love,love the pillow the flower is like the icing, the best part.:0}


  4. ecogeneration says

    Thank you Anonymous/ThruMyEyes1,

    I am making more flowers like these with different types of fabric and I’m having so much fun with them. They all have different looks and they are truly “icing on the cake” in anything I attach them to. So glad you enjoyed the tutorial!

  5. Nikki says

    I've made many many flowers like this, though I only have one posted in my etsy so far. I just use old scarves that I find at thrift stores or in my old clothes, and I use a candle to singe the edges. It's a little bit easier than using a lighter. Great tute, by the way! Wish I woulda found it before I started making flowers! I just sorta figured it out my own way! LOL!