Hurricane Sandy Relief Fundraiser on Ecokaren

Atlantic City, NJ

It’s been two weeks since Sandy wreacked havoc in my tristate area – the center of the world, in my opinion. That might sound arrogant but you have to admit, NYC is the epi-center of the financial world and rapidly becoming the “Silicone Valley” of the East.

When Sandy forcefully swept through the NorthEast, leaving parts of the surrounding areas flooded, totally devastated and leaving residents in the dark for weeks, my own short week of powerlessness didn’t seem that big of a deal. Many lost lives, homes, possessions, and livelihood; I was just inconvenienced.

Flooded FDR

Flooded FDR Drive on the East side of Manhattan

So I felt compelled to do something about it. I may not be able to lift heavy debris and help them clean up but I can raise money to buy supplies to support Occupy Sandy Organization. And to do it more economically, I’ve contacted a local company in Long Island, NY – badly damaged region that has residents still without power – to buy desperately needed items at wholesale. And how am I going to raise funds to purchase the items?

With the help from all of you.

I will be creating the “Handmade Gallery for Sandy Relief Fundraiser” next week to display ads of those  businesses who donated to the relief efforts. And I will be displaying badges on the sidebar of companies and  blogs who want to donate to the cause as well.

Blackout in NYC right Sandy

Blackout in NYC after Sandy

If you are Etsy Shop owner:

  • Place an ad in Handmade Gallery for Sandy Relief Fundraiser – similar to the one shown here.  I will then add your Etsy Mini, without all the other ads on the side. It’s a dedicated page for handmade sellers on Etsy who have donated to be listed on the page for this fundraiser.
  • First 5 minis will be $50 (or more)SOLD OUT; 6th -10th will be $40 (or up to $49); 11th and after will be $25

If you are a blog or business owner:

  • Purchase an ad for the sidebar which will be displayed until end of December. There will be a special box of ads above the email subscription field – two across and as many rows as there are ads. The ad badges must be 100×100 and they will cost $75 per ad. The sidebar show up site-wide, except the Handmade Gallery.

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Sandy Relief

The Rockaways, NY

What do you get for your ad, in addition to warm and fuzzy feeling for donating for an ad?

  • I will be having a Sandy Giveaway and YOU can offer to donate an item too, if you want, on December 1st.
  • I will be writing a post about you for donating to Sandy Relief Fundraiser.
  • I will be sending out a dedicated Email newsletter about the Sandy Megathon Giveaway and mention the shops who are participating in it and what the prizes are.
  • I will shout out about your good deed all across the social media because I think you are super.

If you are ecokaren’s blog reader:

  • You are awesome!
  • You can support the businesses that are donating to this fundraiser by browsing their shops or reading the blogs.
  • You can share the info with whoever might be interested in donating or advertising.
  • You can enter the giveaway on December 1st when I announce it. It will be a great fun and will be just in time for the holiday.
  • You can donate if you are so inclined. I’ll be sure to send you a picture of items you bought with the money.
sandy aftermath


I will be donating 100% of the ad money - minus fees and any expenses – to buy the supplies and when I buy them, I will post the picture of the items that I bought so you know I’m not going on a vacation with your money.

Deadline: I would like to purchase the items as soon as possible so if you are planning to take this offer, PLEASE let me know ASAP. I would love to leave the offer open as long as it takes since the clean up will be ongoing for awhile but the page will be taken down on December 20th. So sooner you take advantage, you’ll get more exposure for your shop. 

The ad spaces will be offered first come first serve. So donate today!

Thank you in advance for offering to help. These residents don’t have houses to live in and many don’t even have shovels to even clean up, even if their houses were left intact. So let’s help those in need. We did it when Tsunami hit Japan, we can do it for NYC.

Please pay via PayPal below to buy or donate for this important cause.

Thank you!
If you have any questions, please email me.

Sandy Relief

CC Image of Image of Blackout NYC & The Rockways via Flickr