It’s Final!

Drum roll please…..

My new name for the shop and the blog will be…..


It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Of course, I couldn’t have made this decision without your input. Ecokaren received most votes although there was at least one person for every name I listed in my first blog about this contest. I just want to say “Thank You” to all of you who took the time to leave me your thoughts about what my new shop’s name should be. Some of you even sent me messages to my shop and I really appreciate it. As you can imagine, this was not an easy decision for me. Being a sole owner without a board or a team to consult, your input was vital in helping me with this process. (I think it took less time naming my kids when they were born….don’t tell them that.) You were my focus group. Thank You!

So now that the name has been decided, I want to share with you whom the winner is going to be. Out of these helpful “naming committee” members who voted for “ecokaren”…

  1. Wash when Dirty
  2. Janssen Designs
  3. Avlor
  4. Alexkeller
  5. Candy Calamity
  6. Aik
  7. Autumn Olive

…I used the random number generator (love those thingys)


Congratulations Emily from Candy Calamity! You are the winner!

Your prize (a surprise) will be sent out tomorrow.

Thank you, everyone who stopped by and left me your words of encouragement and suggestions to help me with this task and I hope you’ll continue to be my customer, friend, follower, and reader. I really appreciate your loyalty.

I will continue to blog here and the transition to a new blog will be smooth as everything will be done electronically (thank goodness!) with the help of some intelligent and creative people. I am stocking shelves on Etsy right now and it will be open soon with a spanking new banner and a avatar designed by Thompson Designs. (Renee is amazingly patient with all my questions and ideas.) Amy from Avlor will be designing my eco-friendly cloth labels once I decide on the theme of the shop.

So follow me on facebook (my profile page is the same name) and twitter (can you believe someone already registered ecokaren??? so my new username will be “ecokarenlee“) for the updates on when the Grand Opening Celebration will be.

Now, real hard work begins.

…Packing and Moving!