Juice Beauty Skin Care Review

Taking care of my skin is my least favorite routine, next to flossing. I know I have to but it just isn’t fun.

Admit it – you are probably the same way.

Who has the time to “cleanse” and “moisturize” – “rinse and repeat” – twice a day?

Would you believe I’ve skipped washing my face at times because I rationalize that my skin is dry already so I’d say, “why wash it twice a day if it’s not dirty?!??!” or “I didn’t wear make up so what’s there to take off?”

But apparently, not washing my face is a bad thing, not just because I’m sleeping with all the crud on my face, even if I don’t wear makeup, but because I miss the opportunity to put on ‘stuff’ to make my skin feel better, kinda like putting on medicine to make the “boo boo” heal faster.

I guess that makes sense. It’s not so much of what I’m washing off but what I am NOT putting on my face to protect my skin from drying out, and from making my skin, ahem, a.g.e. Life is unfair.

So when a rep from a company called Juice Beauty contacted me to try its anti-aging line called “Stem Cellular Repair Collection”, I’d figured doing the review would make me get into a routine for better skin. Besides, if a skincare line can get rid of my “laugh-lines”, then, it’ll be short of a miracle. And the fact that they are certified organic? Pshaw. Woman, I’m there!

Juice Beauty

OK, so what’s the big hoopla about Juice Beauty?

Just a little facts and stat about Juice beauty:

1. CLINICALLY VALIDATED RESULTS: efficacy achieved through cutting edge organic technology.
2. AUTHENTICALLY ORGANIC: target a standard for all Juice Beauty products to fall within
80 – 98% total organic content. Meet California Organic Products Act minimum of 70% total organic content (excluding water) by using a certified organic base & ingredients.
3. POWERFUL ACTION WITHOUT: Stay on the cutting edge of purity by excluding Parabens, petroleum, butylene and propylene glycol, PEG, sodium lauryl sulfates, pesticides, phthalates, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances. Continual preservative improvement.
4. QUALITY AROMAS: Achieved from organic & natural essential oils (not synthetic fragrance).
5. SUPPORT our USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC FARMERS: Stay close to our suppliers.
6. BUY LOCAL: Buy the majority of our ingredients locally from the West Coast.
7. SUSTAINABLE & RECYCLED: Use only sustainably sourced and/or recycled paper for all supplies, focus on recycled components  & recycle again.
8. SOLAR POWER & GLUTEN FREE LABS: Manufacture the majority of our products using Solar Power and all manufacturing done in Gluten Free Labs.
9. NO ANIMAL TESTING: Conduct no animal testing.
10. GIVE BACK. Juice Beauty currently donates a percentage of all profits to the following charities: San Francisco Breast Cancer Fund; The Organic Center, Teens Turning Green; Conservation International and the documentary-Miss Representation.

~As per Juice Beauty

What’s in Juice beauty?

The Stem Cellular Repair Collection has:

…a proprietary blend of fruit stem cells and a high concentration of fat-soluble Vitamin C deeply penetrates the skin to repair DNA damage and encourage new cell growth to aggressively firm and eliminate wrinkles. Antioxidant-rich fruit juices, fat-soluble Vitamin C and plant oils hydrate and improve elasticity for lasting, advanced age defy results.

I know from my Chiropractic training that Vitamin C is vital for collagen repair. In fact, I used to recommend extra doses of Vitamin C to my patients with musculoskeletal injuries so they can repair their cartilage quickly. So the fact that this skincare line contains Vitamin C, makes total sense for collagen repair!

Most beauty products start with water but not this line. Most beauty products contain butylene/propylene glycols but not Juice Beauty. Instead, Juice Beauty contain organic juice solution, packed with antioxidant rich fruit juices that are rich in Vitamin C and plant derived oils.

Stem Cellular Repair Collection

I received Steam Cellular Moisturizer, Stem Cellular Booster Serum, and Stem Cellular Repair Eye Treatment to try. The set retails for $75 and they are meant to be used twice a day, for mature skin (in other words, aging skin.)

I have a couple of criticisms about their packaging. I might be nit picking but I didn’t appreciate the silver-ish tone of the packaging. It reminded me, well, that I was getting ‘silverish” in my years. Who wants to be reminded??? I would have liked, brightly colored, maybe lemon-y or lime or maybe even pomegranate colored bottles….anything but silver. It just reminded me that my hair is getting grey and so is my skin….it isn’t pleasant.

Furthermore, the plastic packaging itself wasn’t too cool either. “Made In China” nylon bag that housed the line was kinda, ‘cheap’ looking and it was unnecessary, It would have been nice if it was a cotton canvas type that is more eco-friendly, if they really wanted to give away a bag. And the excessive plastic jar with pumps and plastic applicator for the eye repair wasn’t my favorite either. I rather use my ring finger tip to gently apply eye treatment than to use the silly plastic tip that actually dug into my skin, irritating it.

eye treatment applicator

And the moisturizer’s jar seems a little over the top, with the pump mechanism. A simple glass jar with a lid would have been suffice, I think.

Stem Cellular Moisturizer

I guess, having the controlled packaging design prevents contamination but I rather have minimal packaging without plastic than to worry about contamination. Users would normally wash hands before using them anyway so the extra precaution with plastic applicator and the pump was a little over the top, I thought.

But, it’s what’s inside that counts, right? So how did the line work?

See for yourself.

Do you see the red patches on my cheek on the “before” photo and then more of an even tone on the ‘after’ photo?

This is just less than 2 weeks of using the line. If you click on the images and enlarge them, you can actually see the dried skin cells on the ‘before’ image. You can see the smoother and more supple skin on the ‘after’ image, with less redness.

So although I wasn’t too impressed with its plastic over-packaging, I was impressed with the result of what the inside the jar did . No wonder Alicia Silverstone uses Juice Beauty’s Chamomile Cleanser, as shown in this photo from the Self magazine.

So overall, I would continue to use the collection to see the progress but I have a feeling it’s going to some serious repair job on my dry skin. Some might say it’s a little expensive but so is a trip to a dermatologist.

If you want to try this Stem Cellular Repair collection OR try another line, Juice Beauty will give you a coupon for $50 towards any line you choose.

Here is how to enter the giveaway.

  • Must be aged 18 or older and live in the contiguous US to be eligible to win.
  • Give­away is open to e-mail subscribers.
  • Giveaway will end at 12:00 AM EST on Tuesday, May 8, 2012
  • Rafflecopter will be used to keep track of your entries and choosing the winner.
  • No pur­chase is nec­es­sary to enter the giveaway.
  • You must respond within three days after giveaway is closed to be eligible.

Disclosure: No monetary reward was given to me for this review. But I did receive the above mentioned items from Juice Beauty Company for the review. The above mentioned prizes will be shipped to the winner of the giveaway directly from Juice Beauty Company. 

Here is Rafflecopter for you to enter the giveaway.

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  1. clenna says

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  8. Kelly says

    Being an esthetician, I just want to say that the over the top packaging is probably not only for contamination purposes but for lessen oxidation from exposure to air and light.

  9. Amy Orvin says

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