LED Light Bulbs in My Will

I’ve been really busy since I last posted.

There is a huge Handmade for Earth Day Auction going on at Eco Etsy. I’ve been posting all the auctions and it’s been quite fun but it’s also a lot of work. I donated two items and one of them was a pillow that Cat Ivins won (YAY!) and I had to finish a Skinny Organic Scarf for next week’s auction last night.

I also have to finish writing…… oh, about three articles on Eco Etsy’s BIG news that will be released on Monday 18th.  (I’ll also reveal it here so don’t worry – you’ll be in the know.)

Oh, and one of my dear friends, whom I lost in touch with for about six years, called me yesterday and we talked for an hour. For an hour!! I don’t think I’ve  talked on the phone for that long since High School. That was such a refreshing and long overdue distraction though. We had some great times before and had a lot of catching up to do. If you have friends you haven’t been in touch with, why don’t you pick up the phone and call her/him? In the overall scheme of things, and no matter how busy our lives are, it’s dear friends and family that really matters. Right?

I digress.

The biggest news I wanted to share with you is that…. I changed my kitchen light bulbs.

(What, did you think I won the lotto or something? Pffft!)

Yeah, I my Accidental Recycler brought home these LED light bulbs. (Sometimes, you have to let your hubby buy green products to make him think that he’s doing the right thing. It’s good for his ego.) I gave him big thumbs up and complimented him for being so smart! Ecosmart! Pun intended.

These were $39.99 for one. “Whaaat?”, you say?

But before you click off and close this page, let me tell you how, in the long run, LED lights will save you oodles of money and why they are better.

  • This bulb uses up only 18 Watts of energy but gives off 75Watts of light, which means your electricity bill will be so much lower.
  • LED lights are cool and do not get hot the way incandescent light bulbs do, which means, the energy generated will not be wasted on generating all that heat.
  • They also don’t contain mercury like CFL light bulbs do so you don’t have to worry about disposing of the light bulbs properly. (There are some lead in them but not enough for you to worry about, as far as I can tell.)
  • You also don’t have to wait for the bulbs to brighten up like the CFL bulbs.
  • You can find dimmable bulbs, like these. Now, that feature might not be attractive to you but sometimes, I like to have romantic dinners in my kitchen, with my man. No, not really. But it sounded good. No? Seriously, CFL bulbs are not dimmable in most cases because you need special dimmable balasts for them. And it’s a whole project in itself to install those just to have such feature. And if you decide to ‘cheat’ and use CFL’s on regular dimmers, they can catch fire! Yikes! But these LED light bulbs are dimmable and as long as you have one of those sliding dimmers, these are good to go.

But you know what is really the best about these bulbs?

These will last 46 years*!!!  You know what that means?

These light bulbs might outlast me!!

So, guess what? I told my daughter, “I’m leaving these light bulbs for you, in my will!“. She was thrilled. She said I was too generous.

*If used according to the direction. Yes, there is a direction on how to use light bulbs. Fact.