Mighty Nest Lunch Gear Review and Giveaway

mighty nest giveaway by ecokaren

When Green Sisterhood gave away a set of kids lunch gear from Mighty Nest in August, I was jealous. I thought, “How about us grown up kids? ” And since I didn’t win the giveaway, I bought a set for myself. I just had to.

If you read my last post on “How to make California Roll“, you can see my bento box, the insulated food jar and a snazzy lunch bag I bought. I love the set! Don’t you?

bento lunch set from mighty nest for ecokaren

I love packing my own lunch when I travel but the containers I had were not exactly “portable.” They were heavy glass and I’ve been looking to invest in some lightweight stainless steel containers. Also, I had a 25 year old Thermos; you know, the classic red and beige plastic on the outside and glass on the inside one? It needed to be retired. So I went to Mighty Nest’s lunch gear section to shop and oh boy, was I in heaven. When did Thermos grow up to be so chic? There were so many sleek models! And no plastic! Not only that, Mighty Nest had so many modern, bright colored, über eco-friendly, and sustainably sourced bentos, utensils, water bottles, lunch bags, etc….oh my. I wanted to buy them all! There were so many; it was so hard to choose!

Mighty Nest

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Mighty Nest is a perfect place to go to “Find healthy, safe, and non-toxic products”. They take the guessing game out of your purchasing because they already did the research in what chemicals you need to avoid and why it’s important to buy products that are BPA-free, lead-free and phthalate-free. They also give you daily tips, advice and insights on non-toxic living. It’s a great place to research what to avoid but also to buy your toxic free products for your family. I’m NOT getting paid to say that but I have to tell you how I love companies like Mighty Nest where I can just go to buy something without worrying about whether it’s healthy for me or not because they save me time from doing the leg work. When I was at the Natural Products Expo over the weekend, I talked to many companies who said that they didn’t sell to just ‘any’ companies but they love companies like Mighty Nest because everything sold on their site are eco-friendly and geared toward conscious living! Whoa! I felt like they read my mind and knew that I was going to host a giveaway from Mighty Nest! I haven’t told Mighty Nest about that…don’t want their egos to get too big, you know? ;)

Anyway, When I bought my lunch set, I loved it so much that I contacted Mighty Nest to see if they’d offer the set as a giveaway….because I think you will also love them! And of course, they said, “Sure! Anything for you Karen!“….Ok, not exactly, but you get the picture.

Mighty Nest Lunch Gear Giveaway

So, look at what they are offering for this giveaway.

mighty nest giveaway by ecokaren

From the top, clockwise.

  • Insulated Lunch Bag (Saffron) is made with recycled plastic bottles and keeps my food cold for hours. It has a large inside pouch for utensils and the sturdy strap helps me carry water bottles and Thermos without worry. It’s totally a grown up style and it doesn’t make me look like I’m borrowing my children’s lunch bag! – $24.95
  • Stainless Steel Food Container (Slate)- Besides the obvious reusability and lightweight stainless steel material that does not leach chemicals into my foods, I love the lid. The lid closes very tightly so its leakproof but it’s easy to open! You know how frustrating opening tight lids can get! – $14.95
  • Thermos Vacuum Insulated Food Jar (Purple) – What an improvement since the ugly plastic ones with glass insulation. This food jar kept my miso soup and Ratatouille hot for hours! According to the description, it keeps hot for 5 hours and cold for 9 hours! I didn’t test the cold yet but I can see how this double insulated food jar can keep foods safe from outside temperatures that long. I absolutely love it! I love the wide mouth too so I can to get the large piece of veggies out of it and easy cleaning too! – $26.95
  • Bamboo RePEat Utensil Set (Pumpkin) I had mine for years but you’ll love this set of reusable bamboo utensils. The utensils are not the wimpy small sized but big enough for adults and school aged children. And the pouch is easy to clean. Just wipe it or throw it in the washer with your laundry. – $12.95
  • Sweat Free Ice Pack (Slate)- I didn’t buy this ice pack but I wish I had. I had my own ice pack gel but it was not sweat free. There was a pool of water in the bottom of my new lunch bag when I packed my lunch for the Natural Products Expo. *Groan* This “sweat-free” ice pack would have been so much better! So you are lucky they are offering this nice ice pack for the giveaway. – $9.95

How awesome are they? So enter today for a chance to win this awesome set worth $90! Giveaway ends on October 7th 12 AM EST. Remember only the email subscribers can enter the giveaway so sign up for future email updates. With the holidays around the corner (GULP!), I have a lot of great giveaways coming up! If you are already a subscriber, just leave your email address you used to sign up on the first giveaway method. As with all my giveaways, your information is confidential.

By the way, just in case you missed my California Roll video, watch this video so you can make it and carry it in the container when you win! –> How to make California Roll. Oh, one of the readers asked if you can use something other than seaweed (I know; it does take getting used to) and I recommended lettuce leaves or rice paper. They would work too.

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