Money Saving Green Habit Change Project and Weekend Round Up

wafflesI had breakfast with dear old friends yesterday.

Carving out an hour a week doesn’t seem that monumental but when you have deadlines, work, car pools, house chores, and other life essential duties, it seems nearly impossible for three busy moms to get together. Sometimes it takes two weeks of e-mails and texts, just to narrow down a month that we are available.

So, when a last minute day opened up that we can all meet, we grabbed it for a nice breakfast chat. These awesome ladies, “Thelma and Louise”, were PTA moms with me when our kids were in elementary school together. As a Chairperson of Health and Safety Committee, I was in charge of health related events and published monthly articles – like the one I wrote after 9-11 – for the PTA newsletter. And they were presidents at different times. But even after my kids left the school system, I went back and made a presentation on saving money while being green for the PTA. When you are surrounded by empowered women, you can’t help but to be empowered yourself and give back.

Louise just lost her mother to Colon Cancer and it was so nice to see her after the emotionally difficult task of taking care of her mother until the end. But Louise is an incredibly strong woman, just like her mother, and she looked great, even though, I’m sure, she has her ‘moments’. Her mother would be very proud of how her daughter has steadied herself through these difficult times. And I have a feeling genes have something to do with it. I don’t know how I’d be when the inevitable happens but I hope I can be as half strong as her. *Note:If you are over fifty, you should get Colonoscopy. Remember Katie Couric did it on national T.V. after her husband died? It is preventable if detected early.

Thelma is a yin yanging firecracker who juggles a million and a half things at once while keeping her voice calm and composure even keel. How she keeps her energy level up (but keep clam) to tackle everything that gets thrown at her – most of them at the last minute, of course – is beyond me. Her husband is a “big cheese” at an university and is running for “a political position” in our town and she’s the treasurer for the campaign while working, managing the family, heading the local non-profit education foundation, planning block parties, and throwing her annual, “after-back-to-school-for-adults-only-party” for her intimate 150 friends. Her parents cook for this backyard affair and it’s a blast.

So, why I am telling you this? It’s because of what they said at the end of the breakfast.

They told me they don’t use paper products anymore and they don’t use grocery bags but reusable bags. Thelma showed me her trés-chic tote bag/purse that holds another small bag inside that she carries with her everywhere for any purchases she makes, even at the mall.  She has different cloths for different cleaning jobs in her kitchen and only uses paper towels for her dog’s accidents.

Be. Still. My. Heart.

Louise told me she uses terry cloth towels for wipe ups in the kitchen and doesn’t use paper towels. I always knew she was a great cook so I wasn’t surprised when she said, her family rarely goes out to dinner because she plans her meals every day for family dinners, despite everyone’s busy schedule. As she was telling me this, she said she has to roast a chicken before running off to her daughter’s volleyball game in the afternoon so that they can eat dinner when they get home. It takes planning but that’s the only way her family eats.

How. Awesome. Is. That?

They got me thinking, if these, never-thought-too-much-about-the-environment and very busy women can manage without the conveniences of disposables and take-out dinners in their lives, why can’t we ALL do it?

How much does it take to change just one habit to green your life? And save oodles of money in the process?

Not much at all. In fact, I am culling my posts for a project I’m working on and will be including some of the changes that you and my friends have made, to make the planet a little better while keeping some change in your wallets.

If you changed a habit for a better planet while saving money, I’d love to hear about it. Share them in the comments below. I may include them in my ‘project’!

Here is where I’ve been this week…besides taking food photos for The Perennial Chef…how YUMMO is this?

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Have a great weekend!

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