Natural Homemade Soft Scrub All Purpose Cleaner

homemade soft scrub ecokarenSome of you know how much I h.a.t.e. ironing.

I’d scrub your bath tub if you’d iron my clothes. Seriously.

Some people get happy seeing nicely ironed shirts, but me? I can’t stand (literally) doing the same thing over and over again for an hour or longer….just so that our clothes look…not wrinkled.

(I though casual wrinkled look was in? When did that fad go out?)

Anyway, put me in a dirty bathroom, and I’m all giddy as heck.


all natural soft scrub

This actually made me happy the other day. No, not because it’s dirty but because I can finally use my “All Natural Soft Scrub”!!

I use vinegar spray for the usual every day spritzing so as to prevent this from happening. But when I blink, (probably because I had to iron and didn’t have the time to spritz with my vinegar spray!) my bathtub looks like this. I think it’s the high mineral content in the water. (Yeah, right!)

Anyway, look how shiny it looks after I used my All Natural Soft Scrub.

natural soft scrub

Now THAT’S an accomplishment! Don’t you think?

Here is my secret formula.

All Natural Soft Scrub

about 3/4 C Baking Soda
about 1/4 C Liquid Castile Soap (BUY Peppermint. You can thank me later.)
about 2 Tbsp Water
about 2 Tbsp Vinegar

I didn’t use this “exact” formula – that’s why the amounts say “about”. Mix the first 3 ingredients in a bowl with a spoon. When you add water and soap to baking soda, it will get kinda hard. But keep mixing as best as you can. Then, add the vinegar. Adding the vinegar LAST is kinda important as that’s what makes it creamy. It will bubble up when you add the vinegar but it’ll get smooth and frothy when you mix it – kinda like face cream-like consistency. You can add more or less of the vinegar, depending on how thick you want the scrub to be. You don’t have to add that much.

soft scrub ecokaren

If you don’t use it up, the leftover will get hard. Just add some more Castile soap and vinegar, mix thoroughly, and you are good to go!

Happily scrub away with this minty, all-natural soft scrub, without the awful commercial soft scrub smell.

Resist the urge to brush your teeth with it as it’s not proven to be safe for brushing your teeth. But do use this on the counter, toilet, and even on the faucet where you need some non-abrasive scrubbing action.

If your bathtub seems to drain a little slow after cleaning with this scrub, baking soda might have settled down in the pipe. Add about 1/4 C of full strength vinegar, pour hot water immediately afterwards and cover the drain. Do this ONLY if water doesn’t seem to be draining. By the way, this is the natural way to unclog drains. So this is a great time to unclog, while you are cleaning your bathtub.

See? You did two tasks at once, without even thinking about it. Can’t do that when you iron, I bet. Unless you are roasting a Pot Roast or something…

Still, I hate ironing.