No-Tech Speakers for Your Smartphone

Best No Tech Speaker ecokarenHere is something for fun.

I was concocting a dishwashing soap formula for a tutorial and wanted to listen to my favorite gal Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.” So I left my smartphone in this empty Twinning Chocolate tin can, blasting the music, humming and singing along … And then, it dawned on me how friggin’ loud it sounded. And totally awesome!

So I stepped away from making the dishwashing soap – don’t worry…the post is coming next week – and experimented with various vessels from my kitchen to see which one will make the BEST sounding “No-Tech” speaker.

And guess what? Twinning’s chocolate aluminum container worked the BEST! I think it’s because it’s shaped like a funnel and is made from thin aluminium. Ceramic (the white soup bowl) did not resonate the sound well, probably because the material doesn’t vibrate. Also, I think the bowl was too wide at the top. The stainless steel coffee maker and the Klean Kanteen cup was next best.

So have fun! Try some of these “No-Tech” speakers for different occasions – to amplify your favorite tune! They are not just low-tech – they are NO TECH! No electricity. No EMF from Wi-Fi. No cords or docking stations needed! Enjoy!

No Tech Speakers Review Ecokaren


  1. greentalk says

    Great idea!  It is sad to say this but I could use the help these days in the hearing department!  (Must be from listening to music waaaay too loud…)

  2. TiffanyWashko says

    Might need to try this… and tell my kids when they ask for a sound dock they will get a coffee can instead. :)