San Jose Art Museum

I was in San Jose two weeks ago.

The weather was gorgeous and the air was crisp. So I walked around downtown and accidentally stumbled upon an exhibit of one of my favorite photographers of all time, Ansel Adams, at the San Jose Art Museum.

San Jose Art Museum

It was an exhibit of his early works and it was so poignant and as usual, thought provoking as he really brought out his environmental passion in his photographs. I thought I’d share a few with you. I couldn’t take any pictures of his work inside the museum but I found these on his gallery‘s website that were featured in this exhibit.

Ansel Adams

By the way, check out his gallery website. There’s so much information about his work but also about his crusade to save the environment throughout his life.

Thunderstorm at Yosemite Valley

The Half Dome

El Capitan

Moonrise from Glacier Point

And the following works were in the other rooms and I thought they were fabulous. They were all related to the environment in one way or another, sending a message about the mess we are in.

But first, look at this whimsical cottage built with all recycled bottles.

Sanctuary for the familia(r) by Mildred Howard

Next oil painting depicts the discolored bluish glow in the river in between the mountain sides – tailings-residue from the ore-left over after mining process.

Tailings by Chester Arnold

These are photographs of an oil field located in the poorest section of the county in Beldrige, CA. This working oil field is one of the most active oil fields generating a wealth of oil that its neighbors can’t benefit from.

Oil Field by Edward Burtynsky

These cute but sad three polar bears are left with just a little itty bitty piece of the iceberg that is melting away.

Melt by Walter Robinson

I normally don’t have the luxury of enjoying the cities I visit when I accompany my kids to their fencing tournaments but I had an unusual treat this time around. I thoroughly enjoyed my accidental trip to the museum.

It was worth every penny of the $8 admission.

Have you seen any great environmental artworks lately?