Thank You Series – Green Springs Body Works

When I first started my shop, ‘ecogeneration’, on Etsy in October 2008, I met some awesome eco minded sellers on a team called Eco Etsy. Among them is a lady who is passionate about organic skin care products. My favorite cream for my sensitive skin, especially in the winter, is from her shop because I know she only uses the finest organic ingredients. So naturally (no pun intended), when I wanted to have a Eco Spa Package Giveaway, I  looked to her for help.  She is including her Organic Citrus  Lotion Bar in my  giveaway and I am very grateful. Read how she’s living a green life.

Green Springs Bodyworks

1. What is your name and your company’s name?

My name is Jo and my shop’s name is Green Springs Bodyworks

2. How long have you had this company?

5 years

3. What is your business about and what inspired you to open the company?

Green Springs creates fabulous economical organic skin care products for the whole family that I wanted to share with others.

4. What does your day look like?

On days that I don’t have the Growers Market I’m usually up around 7 am and walk or run my two Siberian Huskies, check on the garden, after breakfast and coffee I check my emails and spend an hour or two online promoting or listing products.  Then I make products if needed and hopefully have time to go for a swim, hike or bike ride.  I have found over the years it’s really important for my well being to make time during the day doing things I love to do.  I try to get in a bit of spinning or knitting (which is my other passion) in during the evening.

5. Do you work in an office outside the home or do you work at home? And if you work at home, how do you manage your office space and personal space?

I work from home and have a small office (wish it were larger), where I also store my supplies so when I get an order I can save time by wrapping it and printing out the label online and everything is in easy reach.  I have been making an effort to keep it organized so I don’t have to waste time hunting for things.

6. What’s your secret for balancing work and personal life, if there is such a thing?

I started my business after my children were grown I don’t think I would have been able to devote this much time to the business when they were young.  I am still surprised at how much time it all takes but I am getting better at managing it all.  I try to limit my time on the computer because if I don’t it’s easy to spend the whole day online.  My husband is very good about reminding me to get off the D__m  computer!

8. What did you say when asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” at age five?

I honestly don’t remember but I do remember getting one of those pot holder looms and going door to door selling pot holders when I was around seven and working in my grandpas farm stand at a very young age!

9. Since ecokaren is all about the environment and our health, what do you do at home and in your office (if outside the home) that’s healthy for the environment as well as your own health?

I have recycled as long as I can remember.  My husband and I built our log cabin  all by ourselves in the 80’s using mostly recycled material, the oak floor came from an old school house, most of the interior wood came from the used building supply center and the logs were killed by beetles.  We grow or barter for most of our organic fruits and vegetables, and exercise is a big part of my life.  I have taught a PE class at SOU for the past 30 years which keeps me fit during the school year.  We also love to cross country ski and dog sled with our huskies.





Now something for fun…,

10. Cats or dogs? Dogs

11. Favorite color? Green

12. Beach or the woods? Beach

13. City or the country? Country

14. Favorite Movie? Can’t decide I love to watch movies.

15. Dress or Jeans? Jeans

16. Favorite Book? Silent Spring by Rachel Carson,

17. Where can we find you?

Rogue Valley Growers Markets: Tue. Ashland, Thursday Medford, Friday in Talent and once a month on Sat. in Ashland

Green Springs, OR

Green Springs, OR

*All photos courtesy of Green Springs Body Works