10 Best Fashion Tips for Men

When it comes to fashion generally women take the lead and the industry is predominantly focused on women. However, over the last few years, men’s fashion has become very important and men have started following fashion tips to look stylish and also to look with the times. Men often are not the best judge of how they should follow fashion and what type of fashion tips to include in their wardrobe. If men follow a few fashion tips, their clothes, accessories and other fashion items will be on point with the latest trends. The following are some of the fashion tips for men that help them stay fashionable in today’s modern world:

Fashion Tips for Men

Well Fitted Clothes

This is one of the most important aspects of men’s fashion. Ill-fitted clothes do not look fashionable nor do they look very comfortable. Baggy loose fitting clothes or very tight and uncomfortable clothes are both completely wrong choices in term of buying fashionable clothes. Shirts, t-shirts, pants, blazers, jackets, shorts and all types of clothes have to be well fitted. Off the rack clothes or bespoke clothes, both are available in different sizes and well-fitted clothes look extremely stylish.

Essential Items

There are a few essential clothing items that should be part of the wardrobe for men looking to be fashion conscious and stylish. Some of the essential items include jeans, white t-shirts, dark t-shirts, and a classic grey sweatshirt, a few pair of casual trousers and shorts are all essential clothing items for casual wear. When it comes to formal wear, a blazer, a three-piece suit, formal shirts, formal pants, a few ties, and a few belts are all essential items in formal wear for men.

Guide to Stylish Shoes

Wearing extremely good clothes and then wearing boring and cheap looking shoes is a bad idea. Stylish shoes are an important element of fashion in the 21st century. While custom made Italian leather shoes are not affordable to most men, a stylish pair of formal shoes that are made by good quality leather is very accessible to most men. Leather boots, good quality sports shoes, running shoes and sneakers and a pair of hiking boots are all stylish and useful shoes to own.

Classic Stylish Watches

Nowadays because of the invention and spread of mobile phones all over the world, there is often no need for men to wear watches as regularly as they used to wear in the past. However, a good looking watch is as much a fashion element for an outfit as it is a necessity for being able to tell time. Men should generally have three types of watches, one for work, one casual everyday wear and one for black tie.

Matching Clothing Item in Outfits

This is an important element of fashion as it is very critical that all clothing items in an outfit work well together. Matching colors is important but over the matching of color can also look a little clownish. It is important to know which colors work well together and which can be worn in a contrasting way to make an outfit look fashionable. There are some colors that look good on men while some bright colors are extremely difficult to pull off.

Choosing a Belt&Tie

An aspect of formal clothing or semi-formal clothing is belts and ties which make formal clothing items look stylish and very fashionable. A great tip for formal wear that is easy to follow is to match the belt with the shoes in formal wear. Generally, for formal wear, it is a good idea to wear plain dark colored belts and for casual wear, a little bit of experimentation can be possible. Ties are a great way to show fashion. Ties can be of different colors, patterns and prints and usually silk ties are the most fashionable option for ties.

Try Out Clothes before Buying Clothes

The most basic fashion tip for men or for anybody looking to buy fashionable new clothes is that it is essential for people to try the clothes before they buy them. This is important for two reasons. The first reason is that stylish and fashionable clothing items may not suit some men and may look really bad on them. The other reason is that trying out clothes is the only way to see whether the clothes actually fit, before buying them.

Wear the Right Clothes for the Right Occasion

A top fashion tip is that it is important to wear the right clothes for the right kind of occasion. There are different types of occasions that demand different types of clothing options. Work-wear, formal wear, party wear, casual wear, day clothes, night clothing option, and everyday wear are all different from each other. For all the above-mentioned types of clothing, specific clothing items are needed and wearing the wrong clothes for the wrong occasion is a major fashion faux pas.

Choosing a Hairstyle

Different hairstyles are very popular among women and the fashion in hairstyles keeps changing regularly. Nowadays men are also following hairstyle fashions and different hairstyles suit different types of men. Hairstyles for men should be chosen depending on the shape of the face, the type of culture that they are part of and also the age group of men. Some hairstyles look good on young men while some distinguished looking styles work well with seniors.


The last but most important tip is that men should wear clothes that they are comfortable wearing. This means that the clothes should be physically comfortable to wear and must be well fitting and not either too tight or too loose. Another aspect of comfort is that men should wear clothes that they feel comfortable in. This means that following fashion is important but wearing fashionable clothes that make people feel uncomfortable while wearing them in public is a bad idea.

Men can be fashionable by following tips that are mentioned above. These types of fashion tips help men in choosing the right clothing items, shoes, accessories and also help them become fashionable in an effortless way.

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