Techniques to Combat Stress & Anxiety at Work

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Stress and anxiety at work is a common phenomenon and it has been observed that 75% of the employees are slowing down on their performance because of this. To combat against stress and anxiety the first thing one should be doing is to initiate a personal wellness plan. Here are some of the techniques anyone can try and practice to reduce stress at the workplace:

1. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is one of the most effective techniques for fighting against anxiety. This technique helps you to acknowledge all of your worries that knocks your attention and let them go. It allows you to get in touch with your emotions and recognize how you feel.

2. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a goal-oriented treatment that helps to change the patterns of behavior or the way people thinks. It makes them feel better, by overcoming the complexities. If you are suffering from stress and anxiety, start practicing CBT at your home or under the supervision of a therapist.

3. Be Your Own Advisor

Don’t be hard on yourself, while comparing with others. In our daily life, everyone has to face difficulties from different perspectives. Whatever the situation is, advise yourself as like you would advise any of your friend or child rather than putting yourself down. This approach influences one from getting frustrated for anxiety.

4. Immerse with the Environment

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Shifting concentration to your surroundings can enable you to increase some point of view by moving your field of vision. This is a great approach to advise yourself that you are a responsible person and there is an entire world other than what’s happening inside your head.

5. Set Aside Worry Time

Every now and then stress can cause discomfort and anxiety and keep us away from doing things that we are supposed to do. At the point when this occurs, write down the reason why you are feeling stressed and try to get back to it later. When you get the chance to do so, you will find a lot more reasons behind why you were stressed and those will not be an issue any longer.

6. Ask Your Thoughts

Anxiety can make our thoughts to get scattered and go out of control. When you discover that the same thing is happening inside of you, just stop thinking by asking yourself some questions like “Is this stress reasonable?” or “What could be the worst impact of this?”.

7. Keeping Record

Maintain a notebook to list down the situations which make you feel most anxious and how you respond to them. Track your thoughts and feelings and how you react as a result; this can help you to understand your patience, triggers of anger and responses.

8. Taking Breaks

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Ensure you plan your day to empower yourself by taking brief breaks to take a quick walk. Stepping away from your workstation for some time to energize will help to manage stress and increase productivity.

9. Breathing Deeply

Get relaxed for a few minutes to focus on breathing deeply by slowly inhaling and exhaling. This can help loosen up your body and discharge stress and worries. Concentrate simply on breathing and don’t enable your brain to be freaking out.

10. Relaxing Your Muscles

Stress can create impacts on our body muscles. So, we need to understand how to relax to keep our body well. One method is to tense a gathering of muscles as you take in air through breathing and loosen up them as you breath out. With training, this strategy can help alleviate stress and anxiety.

Love yourself and keep in mind that stress and anxiety are nothing but the negative outcomes which only drags you from behind. You must have to go ahead ignoring the stress and anxiety following the mentioned tips.

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