Having Problems with Inflammation – How This Medical Food Could Help Bring You Relief

Inflammation is one of those ailments that may not seem too bad on the surface, but can quickly grow and start affecting your everyday life in a very negative way. Depending on how severe the pain is, and how often you are dealing with it, inflammation can hold you back from being able to function and do the things you love. For those with chronic inflammation, it can be debilitating, to say the least.

Inflammation can occur due to a number of factors. It can be caused by diseases such as psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or gouty arthritis, an injury, fibromyalgia, neck or lower back pain, but it can also be associated with abdominal problems, such as IBS or Crohn’s Disease. If inflammation of the digestive system is something you’re suffering from, then there is no doubt you’re looking for relief.

One product that could provide you with just that is UltraInflamX Plus 360. This is a medical food that is specially formulated to offer nutritional support for those with inflammation problems in the digestive tract. Let’s take a closer look.

What is UltraInflamX Plus 360?

Never heard of UltraInflamX Plus 360 before and curious as to what it is? UltraInflamX Plus 360 is a medical food from Metagenics that was formulated in order to provide very specialized nutritional support. It is a rice protein that is extremely easy for the body to digest. It contains select kinase response modulators (SKRMs), which are in the form of RIAA. These are shown to have an effect on the function of the body’s enzymes that are in turn involved in the inflammatory process.

As well, it contains turmeric extract, which has shown positive effects in aiding to ease pain and inflammation.

How Do I Take UltraInflamX Plus 360?

For those looking to give UltraInflamX Plus 360 a try, the good news is that it’s very simple to take. It is available in a powder form, so you can just scoop out the recommended amount and add it to juice or chilled water. If you’ve got one of those shaker cups, it will be really easy, as you need to stir it briskly in order for the powder to fully dissolve.

The recommended use is two level scoops of the powder to 8ozs of fluid. It is recommended that you take it twice per day. Each container of the powder provides enough for 14 servings.

Choose from chocolate orange, original spice, mango, pineapple banana, or orange flavor. You can then play around with the fluid you add it to and make your own flavor combinations if you choose.

Enjoy Some Much-Deserved Relief

If inflammation has been something that is holding you back either on a temporary or a more permanent basis, it can be well worth looking into UltraInflamX Plus 360 and discovering how this medical food can not only provide you with relief but help your body in all kinds of beneficial ways.

Start a Memes campaign to Help Save the Environment

Not-for-profit work is serious business. It takes a lot of commitment and passion just to pull off one campaign after the other, sometimes not getting the kind of feedback and support that you hoped you would. But it’s got its own rewards – the looks on the faces of children who were starving, but now have something to eat, knowing that your actions are directly saving the environment or being there to help when some crisis has affected a place near you.

Still, it’s easy enough to make yourself available, but when you’re trying to increase the reach of your influence even further to try and get others to join in your humanitarian work, the real uphill task begins. It’s easy enough for you to ensure you have energy-efficient appliances, ride and walk instead of driving and do other things to conserve the environment and reduce your carbon footprint. 

But how do you get others to be inspired enough to do the same? A common way we’ve seen in the past is reading the Riot Act to the masses and scare reactions out of them, but this doesn’t usually last long. That’s why we’re offering a better idea: make your “Save the Environment” campaigns cool by attaching them to a meme. 

Huge Success in Marketing Campaigns

Memes have made huge successes of various marketing campaigns. Think about the Success Kid who started as a simple photo taken by a mum at the beach and ended up on billboards promoting Virgin Media’s extra HD channels at no extra cost. Or The Most Interesting Man in the World by Don Equis beer. 

While no one refuses that your message is serious, and if we don’t change our practices we would face obliteration in a few decades, you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. No matter how serious your campaign is, you need a human face and connection with the audience, or you may not enjoy the kind of responses you need. 

Adding humor is exactly the thing to do to give you a human face and get people to actually stop and listen. Attracting attention using a well-designed and captioned meme will make people like you. When people like you, they’ll give you a chance to say what you’re saying, and actually remember it.

Fun and entertainment with a cause

Plenty of people on social media are up for sharing funny memes for no other reason except that they’re funny. You can take advantage of the potential for virality by attaching memes to your campaign slogans. To start, check out our site for funny memes and think of captions that you can use to customize them to your campaign. Be creative, be witty and be real, and don’t forget to tie the meme back to your main message – caring for the environment.  

It could be scary if you have not tried it before, but you won’t know whether or not it works until you give it a shot. Look online for examples of green memes and how others have done it before you, or get advice from an online marketer. At the end of the day, if you get people’s attention, you have a better chance of making a lasting impression.

Sustainable Home Storage: Smart Solutions

Different people have different ideas of what a perfect home should consist of and look like. However, the thing that probably everyone will agree on is that it needs to have enough storage space. Simply put, unless you have enough storage solutions is your home, you won’t have a place for all of your things. And if that’s the case, your home can easily become cluttered and messy.

That being said, smart and sustainable storage solutions are where it’s at if your home is lacking proper storage. There are numerous ways you can create enough storage in your home seamlessly, with the help of just some easy tricks. Here are some ideas.

First, declutter everything

The fact is that all of us probably own too many things and a good portion of those things we simply don’t end up using. Therefore, before you start implementing new storage solutions in your home, make sure you declutter the already existing ones. Take everything out of your closets, get things off of your shelves and empty out your cabinets. Group everything in the middle of the room and Kondo every pile, room by room. Once you have all the things sorted into a “throw-away”, “donate” and “keep” pile, you can start returning the things from the “keep” pile into your existing storage. Organizing everything will be much easier once you have more room and fewer things to organize.

Focus on sustainable materials

When looking to implement any type of new storage solutions in your home, be it drawer dividers, closet inserts or shelving units, make sure you go with sustainable materials. Plastic, even though it is widely available and may seem like the most practical solution is not quite the best option. Not only will it last significantly shorter, but it is also pretty detrimental for the environment in general. That is why you should consider wooden, glass and even metal containers and solutions instead. Instead of storing your food in tupperware, look for mason jars and other glass or stainless-steel containers that will serve the same purpose. Wooden crates and metal baskets are also excellent solutions for storing produce, or they can even work as wardrobe fillers.

Think big

Furthermore, if you’ve decluttered your home but you still have a lot of things left, consider adding some big storage solutions so that you have enough room to store all of your belongings. This storage solution doesn’t have to be placed in your home per se, rather you can install it in your garage or even basement. Here, think in terms of industrial shelving solutions as they are sturdy and offer enough room for storing various items. This way, you’ll create more storage options in your home without actually compromising its current style or functionality. The best part about this type of shelving is that it is customizable in terms of size and height, so you can easily find the right fit for a space of any size. Also, make sure you go with sustainable materials as well, as they offer better support and greater durability.

Consider multifunctional furniture

Alternatively, if you live in a rather small apartment which only further limits your ability to add proper storage solutions, you may want to consider replacing your current furniture pieces with multifunctional ones. For instance, choose a bed that has a hidden storage compartment underneath and go with bedside tables that have at least three drawers. For the living room, choose a couch that – again – comes with built-in storage and maybe even use a vintage wooden trunk as your coffee table. This way, you will have a place to store your belongings without having to fill your home with various shelves and other types of conventional storage. Finally, you can even get a few rattan baskets and use them as a storage solution. Not only will they provide you with enough room for storing certain items, like throw pillows and covers, but they look very stylish and will have no problem fitting in with your interior.

So, try to replace any plastic storing bins in your home for glass, wooden or metal alternatives and come up with different ways you can store away your belongings in plain sight. Implement furniture pieces that contain hidden storage for some additional storing options and make sure you declutter on a regular basis, to avoid being overwhelmed with items you don’t even use in your day-to-day.

A Traveler’s Guide to Downtown Dubai

One of the poshest areas to live in Dubai, Downtown boasts many projects designed and tailored specifically to everyone’s needs. While the stunning Downtown Dubai apartments for sale are one of the most sought-after luxury apartments for locals, there are many recreational activities a traveler can do in Downtown. Here are our top picks.

See the Beauty Of Dubai Fountain

Made by the architects of the popular Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas, Dubai Fountains are the center of attraction for tourists visiting Dubai. Situated on the edge of Dubai mall, you will find hundreds of tourists lined up with their cameras and smartphones focused on the fountains, recording a performance. The performance takes place every 30 minutes daily.

Skate on The Icy Rink

Dubai Mall features a massive, Olympic-sized skating rink for you to skate on. The rate for a 120 Minute session is DHS 50 whereas for DHS 25 each for two kids under 100cm. However, only kids are not allowed in the rink, an adult must accompany them. Adult skating sessions are for DHS 55 each.

Meet Ocean Wildlife in Dubai Aquarium

This attraction is a 270-degree walkthrough tunnel for you to experience the Ocean’s most fascinating creatures. The Dubai Aquarium tank is 10Million liters and is situated on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall. It is also the largest suspended aquariums in the world. It is home to over 300 sharks and rays and thousands of aquatic animals.     

Get in The Game At Sega Republic

You cannot miss this one if you are an arcade games fan. The theme park rides at the Sega Republic are also one of their kind in the Middle East. The famous names in rides are the Giant Slider and Sonic Harper, costing you around DHS 15-30 each while famous games like Guitar Hero and Stinky Feet are DHS 8-25 each. The Sega Republic resides in the Dubai Mall and opens every Sunday-Wednesday 10 AM – 10 PM and every Thursday-Saturday 10 AM till Midnight.

Me-Time at Emaar Pavilion

Take some time away from the hustle-bustle of the city and enjoy some me-time at Emaar Pavilion. It is a cozy place made for people who need comfort. There is a free Wifi in the area for users to stay connected with the world and a small reading area featuring books on their rich architecture, design, construction, and engineering knowledge.

Healthy Food as a Lifestyle – Basic Snack Ideas for Busy People

Committing to eating healthier will never come on its own unless you really set that as a lifestyle goal. Healthy food doesn’t always taste as good as processed food that’s filled with buckets of sugar, so it can be hard to make the switch and deal with cravings. However, it’s not only possible to do, but something that you really should do to better your life, especially if you have children that are learning their eating habits from watching you.

What is healthy food?

Healthy is such a broad and vague term that it doesn’t end up meaning anything at all. If you think of low-calorie as healthy, then you’re not paying attention to the ingredient list and everything that comes with it. “Healthy” is complex, and we need to break it down to three main categories, the first of which is cleanliness. How clean the product list is literally meant how many ingredients it has. If your apple chips have any other ingredient except for apples – why would you be eating it? Remember that all ingredients need to be listed in order of most to least prevalent, so if sugar (or any other sneaky codeword for it) is listed as number one – skip it. Secondly, you want to look at calories to make sure you’re not overstepping daily recommendations, and lastly the macronutrients: how many proteins, fats, and carbs there are in the snack. Remember – carbs aren’t the enemy and you need them for energy, but you don’t want to overdo it.

Raw food

There is nothing cleaner and more nutritious than good old chopped fruit and veggies. Chopped carrots, celery, bell peppers, snap peas and similar crunchy veggies go great with a dip like hummus. Put a little bit of it in the bottom of a mason jar and then stick in the sliced veggies. It is an amazing and nutrition-packet snack that will keep you full and energized. A fruit option is similar, just make sure you coat the slices in a bit of lemon juice to stop them from browning and replace the hummus with some natural nut butter, or find a health food shop nearby with a great honey selection and get natural honey to dip in for extra energy. The crunchiness of the fruit and veg will mimic the crunch you’d usually crave in chips and crackers, curbing those craving and replacing them with something better.

Trail mix

There’s nothing easier to pack and snack than a trail mix. However, they can be quite expensive and there’s always something in the mix that you don’t particularly like. Go to the bulk bins in your local supermarket and buy everything separately. Go for plenty of seeds and nuts – unsalted is preferred to keep the sodium down – and when you look at dry fruit, try to find some with little or no sugar added (freeze-dried fruit is best for this). If you’re not strict on calories, you can add some dark chocolate or yogurt chips into the mix to make it more interesting. When you get home, make sure you mix it all well and proportion it, because if you just keep a big jar of it on your table, you’ll end up overeating, and then it doesn’t matter how healthy the food is.

Power bars

If you’re busy and on-the-go, you want something that is easy to eat when you’re en route to your next destination, that doesn’t require two hands and that is small and dense with calories. You can make your own power bars at home with your favorite nut butter of choice, granola or other cereal, fruit, seeds and anything else that gives you energy. Go for a no-bake version to make it even quicker to make, wrap them in individual packets and throw into your bag at the beginning of the day. You can also shape them into little truffle balls to make it even more convenient. For more ideas, check this YouTube channel.

The key to healthy snacking is planning in advance and having something healthy on-hand when the cravings hit so that you’re not tempted to go to a corner store and pick up a candy bar. Use some off time on the weekends to prepare for the next week, so that you don’t have to spend time every morning thinking of and preparing snacks.

Some Statistics About USA Health-Based Medical Debt To Shock You

Medical debt happens to be one major problem covering the USA region. For so many years now, it has been the number one reason for people to actually file for bankruptcy. The most common assumption over here is that people struggling financially might have been overspending in some areas of life as well. Lucky enough, bankruptcy might be one helpful solution for multiple people but it is not that easy for you to get out of it alone. However, filing for Chapter 7 of bankruptcy will allow the person in question to keep most of the property and rid themselves of the medical debt they are into.

As it is a known fact that majority of the Americans do not have the cash to cover their medical bills. So, they are mostly known to rack up the credit card spending or just visit any payday lender for blowing through the major savings. Bankruptcy happens to put an end to all. Plus, there will be an end to annoying creditors, who will stop calling you for the money repayment procedure. If you are thinking about going to bankruptcy, then you might want to think about it again! Sometimes, debt settlement ratings can be one major alternative in this regard. Check out some of the major facts associated with medical debt, which might come as a surprise to you.

On every capita, USA people spend more on health care per person than any other country

The USA is noted to spend over $90,000 per person on their health care. This might sound a bit of a good idea initially, but it is not if you think about it. Even after going through the high spending, the country does not have the best ever health outcomes over here. For example, the USA ranks at the 12th position in the current life expectancy among the over 12 wealthiest industrial-based countries over here. It shows that this amount might not be a good idea in this regard, after all.

Around 1 out of 10 adults delay medical care for monetary restraint

Some of the recent calculations have stated that around 1 out of 10 adults are reported to just delay or not even receive the medical care they want, mainly because of the higher costing level in the treatment. Well, the rates associated with the cost related accessing barrier happen to be lower than that in any of the other year during the period of around 1998 to 2015 for the lower-income people and those, who are well classified under the worse health care. Prescription drugs, dental care, and eyeglasses are some of the first things that people will watch out for just to ignore, because of the health costs and their rising effect on society.

Around $500 bucks of an unexpected medical bill are higher for so many people to pay

As per the Health Tracking Poll in the year 2017, around 45% of the Americans say they have quite a difficult time paying for the unexpected $500 medical billing sections. Around 19% of them would not be able to go for making the payment for it at all, not even some parts of it. On the other hand, around 20% of them would actually put it right on the credit card and just paying it over time. Others might day that they are in need to just borrow money from any friend, bank, family member or even the payday lender. If they fail to pay for the money they have borrowed, then they might get into big trouble even before knowing about it that well.

1 out of 5 working Americans with medical insurance has trouble paying off medical bills

According to the news flash from the NY Times survey, conducted in 2016, around 20% of the Americans even with their health insurances are finding it hard to pay for the medical bills. They are noted to have some of the serious financial challenges and those are actually changing the lifestyle and employment to a great extent. For the uninsured ones, the number has recently risen to 53%. Even though it is always clear that insurance helped people to make payments, but still, the medical bills happen to have a bigger influence and effect on the families. During some points, these health-based insurances are of no favor at all.

Over 60% of insured Americans with medical bills will blow them all savings to make payments

It is quite shocking from the survey available that people with some health insurance are making sacrifices even to this day to pay medical bills, which will go through the savings. Most people might take on an extra job or just work for more hours or borrow money from friends or family. Around 11% of them might even seek charity sessions as well.

Another set of 60% of people have problems paying medical bills by the collection agency in the past year

This segment goes for both people with or even without health insurance as per the NY Times survey. Around 55% of people with medical bills and insurance problems day they are getting by or do not have enough to just make the ends meet. Around one-third of all those medical bills are unable to just pay for the basic necessities like heat, food or housing.

Around 13 million fewer people will have medical bill problems today than what they did 5 years ago

As per the National Center for the Health Statistics, The people’s percentage under the age of 65 who were in the families having issues paying medical bills over a period of 12 months has decreased from the 21.3% to that of the 16.2% within the first 6 months of 2016. For people under the age group of 26 in 2016, there is a breakdown of those having trouble to pay the medical bills. 

Just be sure to check out these statistics to be on the safer side before you finally address towards Chapter 7 bankruptcy to avoid medical bill payments.

How is Your Health Connected to Financial Aid and Loans?

Debts come in all shapes, sizes, and the reasons for a particular debt can be varied. One such debt that is prevalent around the world is medical debt. This is solely due to the rising costs of health care facilities and medicines all over the world, especially the U.S. 

It is not just about the rising expenses, but the incurring of debt is also coupled to the fact that there are so many restrictions with respect to health insurance coverage. The only way out for individuals is to borrow or loan the amount for medical care emergencies and procedures. 

The following article is for everyone who is experiencing difficulties when it comes to paying bills and covering the rising cost of healthcare expenses. If you want to avoid medical debt, then there are avenues and procedures like medical loans that you should look into. For more information do check out Liberty Lending services over the internet. For a more comprehensive guide to medical loans, read on!

About the medical loan

Medical loans are quite similar to personal loans, and you can apply for one when you are facing a medical emergency, and you need to opt for an expensive procedure. For better financing of the therapeutic options, surgical procedures and medical debt remittance that isn’t covered by the health insurance or listed as out of network charges, a medical loan is an ideal way to go ahead. 

The advantages of medical loans

You will be amazed to know that the primary reasons for many people filing for bankruptcy in the U.S. are the exorbitant medical bills. However, with medical loans, things get more relaxed and more manageable since you can make the payments for the expenses as well as avoid the stress by making scheduled payments on the loan amount. If you are worried about going for that much-needed emergency procedure, take care of your stress through a medical loan. No more struggling to pay off the expense in one go. 

The various advantages of going for a medical loan are as follows,

The benefits

  • Get the funds for your procedure much faster and efficiently without having to wait on insurance coverage. 
  • With various unsecured medical loan options available, you are not required to fix on collateral.
  • You can go for various medical loan options that will never impact the credit utilization percentage on the annual credit report.
  • Medical loans, in some instances, offer up advantages like better financing options and also genuinely better rates than medical insurance by a service provider. 
  • The medical loan will also ease the financial pressure for additional expenses, including recovery and treatment.

Now you must be thinking about the instances where the medical loan will come in handy. Well, we have compiled a comprehensive list of all the standard medical situations, procedures, and surgeries where the medical aid can help you get by. Let us have a look,

  • For cosmetic surgeries
  • In the case of expensive fertility treatments
  • For visits, consultations and surgical procedures at the orthodontist
  • Weight loss surgeries and other such bariatric procedures
  • In case you are looking to consolidate your total medical debt

More about medical loans

Several vendors and service providers offer up medical loans and lending aids. The application process is quite similar to applying for more traditional lines of credit. However, since this is for a medical emergency, the rules are a lot more flexible since healthcare is of primary importance. Stipulations regarding the credit score and credit/payment history are more relaxed so that most individuals can apply for monetary aid. 

But there is one thing that you need to keep in mind while going for medical loans. Before you choose one, make sure of the interest rates, since most of the medical loans have generally pretty high rates of interest. Go for a plan that suits your requirement and financial situation correctly. 

As you can see, there are a number of services that offer you the medical loan. So, how to choose the right one? Yes, some parameters will help you be a better judge about the efficiency and the advantages on offer by the schemes. Here is how to go about it.

Compare the APR or the Annual Percentage Rate

Similar to the savings account where the interest helps you to save more and faster, the interest you need to pay for the medical loans will decide how much you need to pay monthly. This will give you an exact idea of the monthly expenses concerning the medical bills. Low-interest medical loans are around 5-6%, but most of the high value and beneficial loans have high-interest rates of about 20%. High-interest rates mean you will need more time to pay off the debt ultimately. So, it is essential to compare the prices for various service providers and go for a plan that will suit your pocket.  

Compare the “free of interest period”

There are various medical loan options available where you do not need to pay any interest for the first couple of months or a grace period, which is according to the service provider policy. Grace periods can be as high as 18 months as well. Make your inquiries before signing up with a particular service. 

Additionally, you also need to ask about the origination cost for the loan, which is the one-time charge applicable during the processing and administrative services for your investment. Keep in mind that the origination charges are not included in the loan amount. Therefore, it is crucial to inquire about the details personally. 

About the interest rates

In the case of interest rates, there are two available options. The first being the variable interest rates, and the second is the fixed interest rates. As the name suggests, when you opt for variable interest rates, you will have different interest rates over the period of the loan which will impact the way you pay them and the duration of the loan. With a fixed interest rate, you will know precisely the amount you will pay every month for the entire period of the loan. Also, keep in mind the overall length of the loan term. With longer loans, the installments are smaller but take a long time to pay them off. So, balance the parameters before you sign up.

That is all the information you need for lending money due to health issues. Consider all the points and weigh in the pros and cons before you call your service. All the best!

Earth-Friendly Home Plumbing: The Essentials

With so many different ways to go green in your home, home plumbing doesn’t often cross the minds of many homeowners, but it does present an excellent opportunity to be more earth-friendly. The advantages range from lower utility costs long term and reduced energy consumption, to leading a healthier life in a healthier environment.

Obviously, home plumbing covers many aspects, from the water heater, pipes and drainage to toilets, sinks and sewer main, so there are numerous ways to green up your plumbing. After careful analysis, even if it costs more initially, the benefits it brings regarding later savings and impact on the environment and the quality of your life, far outweigh the money, time and effort spent in its realisation.

Costs of green plumbing

The cost of installing green plumbing will differ depending on the type of project you opt for, but in general, hiring a plumber will cost you up to $300. With green plumbing, the initial price may be higher, but thinking long term, your investment will pay off with the cuts in energy and water usage.

Whether you have a green or traditional plumbing system, the costs will rise drastically in cases of emergency and during non-business hours. Knowing this, you shouldn’t wait for things to escalate and minor plumbing issues to turn into catastrophes. Relying on genuine experts, such as this emergency plumber in Sydney, can save your nerves and money by fixing any problem you may have, form leaky taps and toilets, to blocked drainage and various repairs.

Benefit no.1: Lower energy consumption

The first advantage that green plumbing brings is a reduction in your home’s energy consumption. It’s widely known that if there’s even the slightest leak, heat will escape your home and it’s most evident in the piping system. By insulating your pipes, you can prevent the heat loss between your water heater and faucets.

With an on-demand hot water circulation pump that sends the hot water to all your fixtures, you’ll double your savings: there’ll be no heat loss when the hot water sits unused in the pipes and with instant hot water coming as soon as you open the faucets, there’ll be no water waste.

Benefit no.2: A healthier home

Water quality is an essential part of a healthy home and before you start investing in your home green plumbing, it’s wise to find out what kind of water you’re supplying to your home. There are various water purification methods available depending on different water issues so you might want to have professionals test the water in your home before you start.

If there are reasons for your concern regarding the drinking water, you may consider installing a water purification system such as carbon filters in faucets and showerheads that absorb pollutants of a reverse osmosis system on your sink that will ensure clean water for drinking and cooking.

Benefit no.3: A greener environment

Anything you can do to reduce the amount of water your household consumes will contribute to the preservation of the environment. For instance, by installing low-flow showers and faucets, you’ll cut your water usage by 60% and a low-flow toilet that replaces a traditional type of toilet which is the biggest water draw in a home can reduce the water use by five or six times per each flush.

Moreover, faucet flow reducers are easy to install on the end of your faucets and can cut water usage by 40%, whereas installing energy-efficient home appliances such as dishwashers and clothes washers can lower your water consumption by as much as 50%.

In summary, there are many ways to green up your plumbing system but there’s no need to do everything at once. You may want to give a couple of methods a try and see what it gets you. No matter what you choose, you need to know that green plumbing will not only contribute to your healthier living but also to the quality of life of future generations.

How Can You Replace Sewer Pipes without Digging up My Landscaping?

It’s common to assume that the only way to replace sewer pipes is by digging up your front garden, ruining the landscape. This can quickly escalate your worries about the work required and the costs involved. Fortunately, digging and upending your landscape is not the only solution.

The no-dig tech offers help in this regard. Surprisingly, 78% of the folks confessed they had never heard of this sewer technology as per a poll by Angie’s list. As its name suggests, the no dig technology relates to using trenchless pipe rehabilitation that employs the existing pipe structure to replace your sewer pipes. Resultantly, there is no need for any extensive excavation, and you don’t have to see a messed up landscape.

Replacing sewer pipes without digging up your landscape

Traditionally, the main sewer line that connects most homes lies beneath the sod, grass, and dirt of the front yard. So if your sewer line faces an issue or two, plumbers will have to dig up your yard to replace it.

Two solutions can, however, help you save all the extra hassle. The two main solutions from trenchless sewer repair are pipe lining and pipe bursting. Let’s walk you through both of the options:

  1. Pipelining trenchless sewer repair process

As per this process, the plumbing team sends in a small, self-leveling sewer camera into your sewer line. This process is known as video inspection. The camera goes through the pipe’s length and width to inspect any blockage, crack, and other damage.

Once the troubleshooting area is spotted, the process moves to its next stage. The second step revolves around hydro-jetting or using a mechanical cleaning process that clears the blockage.

Finally, the plumber inserts an epoxy-saturated felt tube into the pipe. The felt tube is then inflated and allowed to cure, which replaces the damaged internal section of the old pipe.

  1. Pipe bursting repair work

This process also goes with the name of pipe splitting. It does not include digging up the entire pipe. However, it is centered around digging a small spot for inserting a new pipe. As the new pipe is pulled through the damaged one, the old one is busted outward.

Hence, in a way, we can say that this method is not entirely trenchless but semi-trenchless since some of your landscape may be damaged.

How do you replace your sewer pipes?

The procedures explained above are not DIY in any sense. They require special expertise and sensitive tech. Therefore, only a good plumber can help you. There are chances you are already asking your 24×7 assistant Siri to find Plumbers near me, which is the right move.

If you don’t know any plumbers already, Google can help you find a good plumbing service. Start with typing in your query and thoroughly search the names that the search engine gives you. Check out each of the names and visit their site. Make sure that you don’t do the surface analysis only, else you’ll end up choosing the wrong one.

Be sure to inspect each detail. Note that sufficient contact details are available and a physical address of the plumber’s shop is also given. Read through the plumber’s experience and portfolio too. It is essential to jot down these details to weed out professionals from scammers.

Once you shortlist the name of potential plumbers you’d like to hire, call the number given on their website. Explain your concern to the call representative and note what solution he offers.

Additionally, ask for a quote for the expenses involved. In several cases, the plumbing team may request to see the damage so that they can assess it and then quote a price. You can get a significant idea of how professional the service provider is from the way they handle your call.

Professional plumbing service will walk you through the entire process for replacing your sewer pipe without having to dig up your landscape.

Is it possible to replace sewer pipes without digging your front yard in all cases?

Unfortunately, not all pipes can be replaced without having to dig up your landscape. Instances that require complete digging are when your pipe’s cast iron has deteriorated. In such a case, the pipe cannot hold a liner. Similarly, if the infrastructure that holds up the pipe is broken, then you need to get your sewer pipes replaced completely.

Key takeaway

Replacing your sewer pipes without upturning the entire place is entirely possible. Call your plumber or look up a good one on Google and ask him to use no dig technology to replace your sewer pipes. Be sure to work with professionals who satisfy you on call. Also, work with professionals who are responsive so that they can quickly replace your sewer pipe since delay can only aggravate the damage.


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What Does It Cost To Have Garage Door Springs Replaced?

Garage doors are a necessity because they secure one of the many entry points in homes. They remain functional in part because of the springs attached to them. But while the springs are important, they are also the most common malfunctioning components of garage doors. The doors may not close completely due to damaged springs.

There are two main types of garage door springs. One type operates the doors through extension. Extension springs are placed above the horizontal track of the door. The second type is the torsion spring. Even though the first type is a more popular choice, it is because they are cheaper. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are also a better choice. A garage door that has extension springs is easier to force open.

Unlike the first kind, torsion springs are less likely to break and difficult to interfere with. They attach to the wall above a garage door. That is also why they are able to handle much weightier garage doors than extension springs.

Garage door spring problems

Both types of springs do wear out due to daily – or frequent — use. If you keep using them even after that, they will break. Replacement of a broken spring will depend on the type of the spring. Extension springs are cheaper to replace than torsion ones. A broken spring is useless and can make your home vulnerable to break-ins. Why wait until that time is close?

Experts say that few indications can signal that malfunction of a garage door’s springs. By checking for these signs, you may be able to prevent breakage and get the door fixed before time:

  • Springs usually require little to no maintenance, except for frequent lubrication. If you hear a squeak when you operate your garage door, it is a sign that its springs need some lubricant. Any excessive noise that wasn’t there before signals a problem with the springs. In such a case, you may either have to replace them or repair the springs. You may need a professional opinion to decide which.
  • Is your garage door taking longer and longer to close or open properly? In such situations, the springs may be out of balance. Balance issues usually arise when a new spring is installed with an older one. We will discuss this problem below.
  • The reason why extension springs cannot handle heavier doors is that they don’t have safety cables. You may want to ask in a professional to come and install them. The cables are another level of protection for the people who use the garage doors regularly. Unsupported doors can fall and hurt someone!

Cost of spring replacement

The cost of Frisco Garage Door Repair may depend on several factors. The condition of both your garage door springs and your garage are two determinants of the price. Other factors include the type of springs – extension or torsion–, the type of garage door, and even the company performing the job.

The firm you hire to replace the springs must be reputable. If they charge outrageous prices, you may want to reconsider working with them. We’d suggest calling up several companies, comparing the prices they quote to you and then hiring someone. Remember to hire only a professional, or you could be calling them back for a job not well done!

There could even be other issues that only a skilled technician will recognize.

Factors that matter when buying springs

One question that homeowners have during replacement is whether they should only remove one spring or both. You may not know this, but the springs mounted on a garage door are in pairs. One of them can see more wear and tear, making it break down earlier. If you plan to get only that spring taken out, think again! Since it is likely both were installed at the same time; the other one is probably close to breaking point as well.

Moreover, forcing a new spring to work with the old one is a recipe for disaster. They might not be compatible. You’d end up spending the same amount when you have to call in the repair company for the second one!

The life expectancy of a garage door spring

Three things determine how long your garage door springs will last. Typically, extension springs break earlier than the torsion type. So, the type of spring will matter. Another thing is that each spring has its life expectancy on its packaging. The duration is in the form of cycles – a cycle means one complete opening and closing instance of a garage door. Thirdly, the frequency of use that the springs see will also determine their life expectancy in part.

Clearly, your garage door requires the expertise of trained and qualified technicians. Whether you want to replace the springs on the door replaced or repaired, it is better that you let the experts handle it!


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