Dealing With a Clogged Drain Should You Resolve the Issue Yourself or Hire a Professional?

Dealing with a clogged drain can be a hassle, but it’s a task that’s always best performed as soon as possible after the issue arises. Clear pipes are important not just to the home’s plumbing, but to the health of its inhabitants. Read on to find out when to attempt a DIY repair and when to call a professional.

Clogged Toilets

Plungers are available at just about every hardware store for a reason. They’re helpful tools for resolving minor clogs, especially in toilets. When using the plunger, make sure it is locked to the drain with a perfect seal and try plunging it at least a dozen times. If this doesn’t work, it might be time to call a plumber. Homeowners can check out to find out about one local company that can help.

Minor Clogs Close to the Surface

If there’s a bit of hair stuck near the opening of the drain, a home drain auger might be able to get it out. These devices aren’t as strong as the tools used by professionals, though, so they may not be able to get past the blockage. If homeowners can’t remove the blockage using a drain snake, they should call a plumber. Professional plumbers have access to better, stronger equipment, and it’s often motorized to provide faster results.

Multiple Drains Are Clogged

If multiple drains in the home are clogged, backing up, or running slowly, there’s little homeowners can do about it by themselves. Don’t bother with DIY fixes. The blockage is almost definitely too far down. A plumber with high-tech equipment and professional training will be able to locate and resolve it quickly, but DIY methods for removing it will likely prove ineffective and frustrating.

Built-Up Soap or Grease

If there’s soap built up in a bathroom drain or grease in a kitchen drain, homeowners may be able to remove it themselves by pouring boiling water down the sink. Try pouring it in three stages to give the water time to work through the clog, or use baking soda and vinegar before pouring in the boiling water to maximize its effectiveness. If that doesn’t work, or if it works for a little while but the clog comes back, call a plumber.

Repeated Clogs

Even if one of the DIY methods mentioned above works perfectly the first time, they aren’t fool-proof, and they don’t address the underlying plumbing problems. If one or more drains keep backing up, call a plumber to inspect the home’s plumbing system. He or she may be able to suggest ways to prevent future issues. For example, if you are looking for a plumbing service in Crawfordsville, you can locate one by viewing or a similar website.

What About Chemical Drain Cleaners?

Homeowners may be tempted to use chemical drain cleaners to resolve their plumbing issues, but they shouldn’t give in to the temptation. They’re bad for the home’s plumbing, residents’ health, and the environment. In houses with septic systems, using chemical drain cleaners can even cause the system to stop working entirely.

If baking soda and vinegar, boiling water, plungers, and home drain augers don’t resolve the clog, a chemical drain cleaner won’t either. All it will do is cause homeowners more problems.

The Bottom Line

Minor clogs can sometimes be resolved at home using common tools and products like baking soda, vinegar, and plungers. Serious clogs that can’t be broken up, keep coming back, or affect multiple drains are best handled by professionals.

Pedestal vs. Built-In Tubs: What Are the 5 Main Pros and Cons of Each?

Homeowners who want to revamp their bathroom designs can choose a new bathtub installation to transform their living space. Upgrading the bathroom design helps the homeowner increase its value and get more out of their investment if they ever design to sell the property in the future. Two of the most common choices for new bathroom design are pedestal or built-in tubs. Reviewing the 5 main pros and cons of each selection helps the homeowner make a sound choice for their bathroom renovation.

Pedestal Bathtub Pros and Cons

Pedestal bathtubs are elegant designs that aren’t connected to the walls and provide more space inside the bathroom. The bathtubs are sophisticated and give the property owner a chance to enjoy a long hot bath anytime they want. Homeowners who want to review these options consider the pros of the installations first. The Pedestal Tub provides a variety of advantages for homeowners who can afford the designs. The following are the 5 pros of the tub designs:

1. More versatile designs

2. Easier to clean

3. A more vintage look

4. The bathroom looks larger

5. It’s freestanding and not connected to the wall.

What are the Disadvantages?

While these advantages could indicate that the bathtub design is an ideal choice for the property owner, it is necessary to review the pros of the designs, too. When reviewing the disadvantages, the homeowner can determine if the installations could present problems or increase expenses. The following are the disadvantages of a pedestal bathtub installation:

1. The cost of the tub itself

2. The tubs take up a lot more room

3. The installation requires new plumbing lines

4. Shower attachments are less than ideal and messy

5. The water stays hotter for longer durations

Built-in Bathtub Designs

Built-in bathtub designs are the gold standard for most new constructions and present many years of use. The installations are modern and provide homeowners with several benefits. A contractor can work with the homeowner to create a built-in design that is ideal for the property. Reviewing the advantages of the built-in gives the property owner more insight into why the designs are a great choice for their home. The following are the benefits of the built-in bathtub designs:

1. They are connected securely to the wall

2. Uses existing plumbing lines

3. The showers are amazing

4. Homeowners can get a more spa-like experience

5. The price is more reasonable

What are the Disadvantages?

The bathtub designs also present some disadvantages that could change the property owner’s mind about the installations. Reviewing the disadvantages of the built-in bathtubs helps the property owner make a well-informed design. The following are the disadvantages of the built-in tubs.

1. The tubs are smaller

2. There are style limitations

3. The bathroom design isn’t as flexible

4. A long installation time

5. More maintenance costs


Property owners who want to transform their bathroom designs examine their choices and determine what bathtub is the best choice for their new design. Pedestal bathtubs and built-in tubs provide a variety of benefits for homeowners. When choosing the right design, it is best to consider the price of the installation, the dimensions of the bathroom, and how the homeowner will use the bathtub after it’s installed. Each of these factors helps the property owner make a better choice about their design. Reviewing the pros and cons of each choice helps the property owner determine which installation provides them with the most benefits overall.

On the Verge of Purchasing Your First Home: What Kind of Maintenance Costs Can You Expect?

Homebuyers face more expenses than just the price of the property they purchase. As a homeowner, the buyer will need to maintain the property by performing specific maintenance tasks. Some of these tasks require a professional to complete properly and avoid more serious issues. Reviewing what kind of maintenance costs a buyer can expect when buying a home prepares them for the years to come.


Lawn and Landscaping

The lawn and landscaping require routine maintenance to keep the exterior of the property looking aesthetically pleasing. It’s necessary to keep the lawn trimmed to keep the property attractive and prevent the lawn from growing to an unsafe height. Pruning the landscaping helps the property owner keep the plants and trees appealing and healthy. Trimming the trees can keep them growing in the right direction and prevent hazards, such as tree branches growing too close to utility lines. A Tree Maintenance Service assists property owners with these maintenance tasks and presents an affordable plan for the property owner.


Maintaining the HVAC Systems

Maintaining the HVAC systems helps the property owner avoid sudden expenses and replacement costs. To maintain the system’s energy efficiency, the property owner must schedule regular maintenance tasks to prevent component and system failures. Seasonal cleaning eliminates blockages and airflow problems. Inspections show the property owners if there are any existing problems, and the service provider gives the property owner an estimate for any repairs required. When buying a home, the buyer must pay close attention to the property inspection findings and determine if the HVAC system needs to be replaced. Getting someone to carry out an air duct cleaning service while you’re getting your HVAC sorted may be worth it, too.


Roofing Maintenance and Replacement

Roofing maintenance and replacement are vital for the home, too. During the property inspection, it is important to determine if there is existing roof damage or any underlying damage caused by a leak or displaced shingles. A property that has a damaged roof will require an immediate replacement or at least repairs. Reviewing the details about the roof’s condition determines if it has exceeded its expected lifespan.


Plumbing Problems and Leaks

Plumbing problems and leaks present serious risks for homebuyers, too. The property inspection explains what type of plumbing the property has and if it’s damaged. If the plumbing is outdated, it must be replaced. As a homeowner, the buyer will have to replace plumbing lines if they break or leak. A leak can increase costs and lead to more damage if it isn’t found quickly enough.


Foundation Issues and Flooding

Foundation issues and flooding are a direct result of damaged gutters and soil erosion. If the foundation is damaged, it can lead to a complete property shift and further structural damage. It is often difficult to get to the foundation, and repairs are expensive. Reviewing factors that increase the risk of foundation issues helps the buyer mitigate the potential of foundation damage.


Maintaining Garage Door and Interior Spaces

Maintaining garage door and interior spaces help the property owner lower the risk of auto theft, home intrusions, and damage to items stored in the garage. The garage door is the first installation that requires repairs. When becoming a homeowner, it is necessary to follow vital steps for keeping the garage maintained.

Homebuyers must prepare for homeownership by reviewing common maintenance tasks. For example, as a homeowner, the individual must complete annual tasks that keep their HVAC system operating properly. Reviewing common maintenance costs helps the homeowner avoid sudden and unexpected costs.

Effective Ways on How to Detect a Hidden Leak In Your Plumbing

Water leaks can result in major problems in your property, especially when it’s left unnoticed. Hidden water leaks can cost you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars yearly! This is because, in addition to your water bills rising, the water damage costs increase the more you leave the leaks to become a more serious issue.

That’s why you need to monitor your plumbing and watch out for any signs for hidden leaks you can repair immediately. Read on as I show you the different ways you can detect hidden leaks in the plumbing.

How to Detect Hidden Leaks In the Plumbing

You don’t need to be an absolute expert in your plumbing to know if you have a hidden leak. Watch out for these signs that indicate hidden leaks so you can head to a plumber Brisbane to have it repaired immediately!

1. Monitor the Water Meter and Bills

The best way to tell if there are any water leaks is to check your water meter. Switch off all the water in the house, shutting off all faucets and ensuring no appliance is running. Watch the meter and see if it changes. 

If it changes, then there is a quick-moving leak. If not, check back after two hours, and when you notice changes, it indicates a slow leak.

Check your water bills as well, as a rising water bill despite having similar washing habits can indicate a leak. Compare previous water bills and see if there is a steady increase. You can also check your water usage to see if it looks like the household has been using even more water lately even without changing anything.

2. Check the Faucets

The source of water leaks can come from your faucets, usually coming from worn rubber washes. Check if there are any leaks from the faucet, or if you can, open it up and see if you see anything wrong. Fortunately, you can easily replace and repair faucet parts yourself with the proper knowledge and equipment you can find from hardware stores. 

3. Detect Water Leaks From the Toilet

Another culprit is the toilet, and a leak one can waste hundreds of gallons of water! Check if there’s a leak by adding a few drops of food coloring to its tank. You can also use dye tabs from the hardware store.

Allow the coloring to saturate the water, waiting for half an hour without flushing. If colors come through the tank and to your toilet bowl, there may be a leak.

Furthermore, your toilet may have a leak if you have to jiggle its handle to avoid the toilet from running. There may be an issue with the chain sticking and/or flush bar. If you find that you’re facing any of these issues with your toilet, then you’re best getting in touch with a professional like those at Morris Jenkins to come and fix the problem for you.

4. Visual Inspections

You can perform a visual inspection of your home beyond your usual appliances, faucets, and toilet. Leaks that come from plumbing inside your walls or ceiling go unnoticed usually and only repaired when it’s too late. You can stop these leaks with simple regular visual inspections. 

Check the walls and ceiling of all the rooms. If there are unusual discolorations or staining, there might be a leak. Also watch out for any mold or strange dips form the walls or ceiling, which is also a cause from water leaking.

5. Underground and Exterior Water Leaks

Outdoor and underground water leaks are costly to repair, so watch out if some areas of your yard are softer or darker than the rest, or unusual water flow from the driveway. If one area stays wet despite dry spells or puddles that look out of place, this indicates underground leaks.

6. It’s Common Sense!

Besides the tips mentioned above, you can also check other parts of your home. You should be more vigilant if you have a home that’s over 25 years old. The plumbing system is already on the declining stage of its life expectancy by that time. 

Regularly check the backs of your cabinets, as well as under basins if there are any foul smells or mold, which indicate leaks. Check the connections of your water heater, pumps, washing machine, dishwashers, and other appliances for discoloration or oxidation, another sign of slow leaking.

Wrapping It Up

When you detect water leaks early, you can save a lot of money and prevent disaster at home! Fortunately, it isn’t that difficult to detect leaking, whether hidden or not. You simply need knowledge and time to monitor your water and plumbing performance. 

I hope that these ways to detect hidden leaks in the plumbing helped you out! Don’t wait any longer and take a look at your plumbing and water flow to see if your home may have hidden leaks.

Would you like to ask any questions or share your knowledge of hidden water leaks? Share it in the comments section below, all your thoughts are much appreciated!

3 Reasons to Use Canvas Banner Ads for Your Business 

Today, several local startups or small businesses have switched to canvas banner ads to beat the competition. As far as canvas banners are concerned, these are usually meant for high-end ad displays, backdrops, banner, and much more. In this form of advertising, image plays a crucial role and helps your business reap maximum dividends provided your branding is right. To be candid, canvas banners create the first good impression on your customers and clients. 

According to an article published on, the key to the success of your banner ads is that you need to make it tempting to your buyers so that they notice it. Here are three reasons why you must turn to canvas banner ads: 

1. Apt use of graphics to narrate an interesting story 

Canvas banner ads can tell your audience much about the products you sell, business values, as well as goals. To succeed, you need to create attention-grabbing graphics to tell your brand story in a one-off way that other forms of marketing cannot. 

Did you know that some brands use canvas banners playing the movie or TV ads rotating periodically throughout the day? Numerous individuals view these ads in a day, when commuters, passersby, and drivers move past them on the crossroads, and even on buildings. 

If you know how to use canvas banners smartly, it could allow your business to connect with customers through products/services, in a useful, interactive, and riveting way. 

2. Boost sales and brand awareness 

Studies indicate that it takes not more than four seconds to make or break your brand impression. This is when canvas banner ads act as a fast, convenient, and affordable way to pique customer interest so that you can convert opportunities into sales. 

Canvas banners could be designed in any shape, size, as well as color based on your branding needs. Your goal is to make a huge, attention-grabbing banner quickly captivate passerby attention in places such as highways or interstate, where commuters drive by every day. 

Though some passersby may not turn into your instant customers, an attractive banner with a persuasive message may linger in their memory for some months, thus increasing the chances of them becoming your loyal customers in the days to come. 

3. Fast, simple, and affordable 

A smartly designed canvas banner ad used in strategic points will fetch you unmatched ROI without you having to spend too much. That is because banner ads are easy on your pocket and could be personalized depending on your branding or business needs. 

You can also place canvas banners at strategic spots. This advertising medium is durable and can endure rough weather conditions for a long time. Therefore, if you have a new business or you would like to soft-launch your products without creating a dent in your wallet, canvas ads are your best bet to help you realize your advertising and sales objectives. 


Now that you have all the good reasons to use canvas banner, what are you waiting for, huh? Take the plunge and start marketing your products through banner ads. 

A New Family Dynamic: When Your Kids Don’t Leave Home in their 20’s

It used to be an almost automatic rite of passage that your kids either went to university and never came back home or they flew the nest anyway to start a life of independence.

That is not the case anymore and there are plenty of families where older children are still under the same roof as their parents beyond their 20’s.

This new family dynamic creates certain challenges and it could be argued that certain aspects of this arrangement such as understand the benefits of hearing aids rather than turning the TV volume up too loudly could help maintain a harmonious atmosphere.

Here is a look at how to deal with having your kids with you for longer in the family home to ensure the wellbeing of the entire family.

It pays to be honest and open

Suffering in silence while you fund the bulk of your adult child’s living expenses and not saying anything when you are tidying up after them will only create a level of tension over a period of time.

Tell your child how you feel about the arrangement and encourage them to bear some of the responsibility of keeping the house running and paying the bills where they can.

If you feel that your child is placing a burden on you, financially and socially, by living with you for an extended period of their young adult life it is always best to tell them how you feel and discuss a way of making the arrangement work for everyone.

Understand the challenges they face

It is always helpful to try and see things from a different perspective and while some children seem to steadfastly refuse to grow up and become a responsible adult the majority would love to gain their independence and fly the family nest.

Unfortunately, the economic reality for many young adults is that even when they have a job the cost of living and the price of housing and rents makes it almost impossible for some to move out because it is beyond their means.

Not all adult children live with their parents beyond their 20’s through choice or lack of motivation to do something about the situation. Understanding this dilemma can often make it easier to work together to find a way to make living under one roof work.

Avoiding the disconnect

Life for the current young generation is very different from the world you brought them into as parents and it is easy for your child to spend a good part of their day with their eyes on a screen.

This can lead to your child becoming disconnected from family life, which makes it difficult when you are a parent and don’t seem to have as much interaction with them as you would like.

The technological revolution is seemingly widening the gap between parents and children, but that is an opportunity to share each others knowledge and experience in order to ensure that this new family dynamic works as well as possible, until the time comes when they are able or willing to leave the family home.

Right Along with the Pattern of Your Earlobe: 5 Things to Keep in Mind About Huggie Earrings

Huggie earrings are a unique type of earring in the way that they are very small and don’t require an earring back to be open and closed. They are referred to as huggie earrings, or huggers, based on their compact form designed to hug the ear. They vary in shapes, but mostly small compact designs that can be easily replicated into earring form.

The Price

Just like most jewellery, huggie earrings prices can vary greatly due to the different aspects of the earring that can be made out of different material or made a different size. There are now stylish, yet very affordable huggie earrings now at Most huggie earrings are made out of sterling silver or pure silver.

This is due to the earrings’ visibility, so most people do not want to splurge on a twenty-four karat gold huggie earring since it can’t be distinguished as real or fake gold. However, some people still enjoy the self-awareness of their earrings being made out of non-fake material. This can vastly increase the price compared to the more common sterling silver model.

The Shape

The most common shape for huggie earrings is a circle. Since the earring is small and compact, it can be difficult to create complex designs that still manage to fit around the earlobe. Shapes such as stars, hearts, and letters are the most optimal.

Versions of these shapes can be made. This can include an oval or circle with two lines, a star with more or fewer points than the average five-pointed star, or letters in various fonts.

Are They in Style?

Huggie earrings first started gaining notice in early 2019. After being seen worn by several celebrities and influencers with a wide range of fans, huggie earrings took off. Nothing has pointed to the downfall of huggie earrings, supporting the current idea that they are still very much in style.

Their affordable cost and sleek and simple designs make them very optimal for people looking to add some subtle nice jewellery that isn’t too flashy.

What are the Downsides?

Since huggie earrings do not require an earring back, they use a lever back to open and close. This can be bad as opening and closing the lever back can possibly take more time than using a normal earring back depending on what you are used to.

Since a leverback involves a stick-like piece of metal sitting inside a circle, the stick can be noticeable which may deter some people from purchasing the earrings. Also, the stick can sometimes come loose and poke the person wearing the earrings, although the pain is not excruciating, it can get quite irritating.

Personal Preference

In most jewellery purchasing cases, there are many different colours and material combination’s to choose from. The same goes for huggie earrings, as there are multiple aspects to the earrings that one may favour or dislike.

Choosing between different colours, styles, shapes, or materials can be a strenuous task as there is so much to choose from, resulting in making the decision difficult. Just like anything in life, it’s beneficial to go in with a plan and to know what you want.

Huggie earrings are one of the most in style fashion pieces right now due to their sleek and simple design, their affordable prices, and the media influence behind them.

Best electric shavers for women

A good razor is a staple in any woman’s beauty arsenal. Allows you to remove all unwanted hair, giving you smooth skin

If you are looking for a new razor, could you consider an electric razor? An electric razor works best for sensitive skin, is less likely to cut your skin or because razor burns and does not require disposal after several uses. Of course, choosing an electric razor is not as simple as it seems. But you don’t have to buy all of them and try them out. It’s because we did it all for you. And the results of our hard work are listed below: Top 10 of the best electric shavers for women that will give you a soft and comfortable shave every time. Many shavers are functional wet or dry, meaning you can rinse them or even shave in the shower. If you chose shaving because waxing gives you skin problems, we suggest this DIY recipe for sugar wax.


1. Panasonic ES2207P Ladies Electric Shaver:

This is a wet/dry electric razor that uses a three-blade system including three independent floating blades that slide naturally with your skin for a clean and smooth shave. This razor also has a retractable trimmer for sensitive and delicate areas where loose hair needs to be cleaned quickly and painlessly. The best part is that it is not only a waterproof razor, it is fully submersible.

2. Philips Satinelle Essential HP6401:

Your epilator has 21 rotary clippers that effectively remove hair from your skin and keep it soft for weeks. You can remove very fine hair, making it a better option than waxing. It also becomes less uncomfortable over time. It can operate at two different speeds: one is the soft speed while the other is the efficient speed. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and feels comfortable in your hand.

3. Panasonic ES2113PC Facial Hair Trimmer:

The Panasonic facial clipper ensures that your face is never blurred enough to be mistaken for a man. It has a soft rotating head which helps you glide smoothly over the different contours of your face, removing any unwanted hair in your path. The blade is super thin, hypoallergenic and has a round point to ensure that your skin is safe from cuts and irritations. The razor comes with adjustable brow combs. It is thin and can easily be slipped into your makeup bag or purse pocket.

4. Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Moisturizing Razor:

Have you heard of a double-edged sword? Well, it’s a double-edged razor. This product includes a hydrating razor at one end and a waterproof bikini trimmer at the other. So the razor that has the Hydra-Boost serum activated by water with Shea butter. This serum hydrates your shaved skin up to 2 hours after shaving.

There are 5 curve detection blades with unique skin protectors so you can shave without shaving, without cuts or irritations.

The mower is the star of this model. You can cut your forest down to a shiny hardwood floor without any of the scratches. However, the results of the razor are not the best we have seen. Spare parts for the razor are also expensive. And it doesn’t come with a cover or case, so it can be cut when looking for something in your bag.

5. Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 Women’s Epilator:

The Silk-épil 9 Wet & Dry is our preferred performance epilator. It is the best shaver. It has a large head for increased coverage, MicroGrip tweezers that can pull hair 4 times shorter than wax, and smart light to make sure you never lose hair. This epilator, as the name already suggests, can be used dry or in the bath/shower. It vibrates to give you a softer feeling when the head turns to adapt to the contours of your body. With a full charge (which only takes an hour), you can expect to use it for up to 40 minutes. And it even comes with 7 additional accessories such as a razor head, a cutting cap, a high-frequency massage cap, a skin contact cap, a charging stand and a face brush.

How to Practice Sustainability when Working From Home

If you’re among those who are learning to work from home all of a sudden, then all of your normal routines have probably flown out the window. You may be eating different types of foods, trying to keep your kids entertained, educated, and fed while you work remotely, and trying to manage your mental and physical health.

One thing that can easily get neglected as you change routines, though, is sustainability. We can’t forget that in addition to living in a world experiencing a pandemic, we’re also still battling climate change and its disastrous consequences.

So how can you find balance? How can you stay sustainable, safe, and productive when working from home? Here are some tips to get you started.

Before You Stock the Shelves with Sustainable Food, Make Sure Your Kids Aren’t Allergic!

With grocery stores experiencing shortages, your normal options for feeding your family might not be accessible. If you’re trying to stock your shelves with sustainable food, you might be looking at new products and meal solutions for feeding a house full of people three meals a day.

It’s important to remember, though, before you add a bunch of new sustainable food to your shelves, to check for allergens that might affect your family. About 7.6% of children have a food allergy in the United States, and some of them experience severe reactions. Not only are allergic reactions to food very scary, but medical care can be more difficult to access during a pandemic.

Healthy food is important for wellness in your household, but so is safety. Research products before you buy them and keep an eye out for the eight most common allergens that affect children. You don’t want to buy a bunch of food only to find your family can’t eat it. That’s not sustainable at all!

Support Companies That Are Sustainable and Socially Responsible

Companies are facing enormous challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many small businesses are unlikely to survive the sudden loss of income caused by social distancing.

In these desperate times, it’s more important than ever to support businesses that practice effective corporate social responsibility and commit to sustainability. Without support from consumers, they may not be able to bounce back once things start to return to normal.

Show your support by shopping from your favorite sustainable businesses online or buy gift cards for future use. You can also help by encouraging friends and families to shop from these kinds of businesses as well.

Every Work Space Needs Plants – Just Make Sure Your Watering Practices Are Sustainable

Working from home can be tough, especially when you’re not used to it. One of the ways you can make your workspace and home brighter is by adding some sustainable decorations, like plants. Plants can help improve your mood and can even spice up your meals if you choose edible varieties.

With that said, it’s important to make sure that you’re caring for your plants sustainably, both indoors and out. Reducing your dependency on the hose and tap to water your plants is a smart solution for you and the planet. Consider putting up a rain barrel or even just a few small containers outside for collecting water that you can use to keep your plants happy and healthy.

Consider Practicing an Eco-Sabbath

If you’re feeling helpless about practicing sustainability, then it can really help to regain some sense of control, even if just for a day (or an hour). An eco-Sabbath is a predefined period of time where you avoid using resources. This includes anything that runs on electricity (and electricity, period), cooking (which uses energy), and purchasing.

Eco-Sabbaths might not be realistic for your family, but they can be a great way to pause and reflect while reducing your impact at least a little bit. Try a short Sabbath at first and work your way up to a day-long Sabbath once a week. It’s an opportunity not only to use fewer resources, but to read, write, and spend time with your family while shutting out electronics and other distractions.

Sustainability, Uncertainty, and a New Way of Life

The pandemic has upended life as we know it, and there’s a lot of uncertainty in our world right now. That doesn’t mean you have to give up on sustainability, though. Think of the wins—you’re probably driving less, eating out less, and spending less by working from home—all of which helps the environment. The economic impact may be devastating, but the silver lining might be a more sustainable world for a little while.

This Is What the Perfect Skin-Care Routine Looks Like

Living in the age of social media means that we often see retouched pictures of perfect people who have flawless skin, which is why many of us feel inadequate despite all the self-care we provide for ourselves. If you sometimes feel like that, no worries, because that’s completely normal, however, you should still establish a skincare routine that will help you have a smooth complexion. Therefore, here are some tips and tricks that will help you get there.

1. Make an effort to learn about your skin

Skin is a delicate and durable organ, which is why it’s essential to give it the proper care. But, you cannot do that, if you don’t learn more about your skin type because that’s the safest way to find appropriate products that will help you with your specific skin issues. 

There are various ways to determine your skin type, and in case you can’t find the right way to do so, you can always consult a dermatologist or any other skin specialist. Additionally, in case you’re traveling abroad, it’s important to monitor your skin, as that will give you a clear overview of how your skin works in different climates. 

2. Use products aimed at your skin type

Now that you’ve learned more about your skin type, it’s time to find products that are made specifically for your skin type in mind. Regardless, it’s important to mention that products should be free from harsh sulfates, alcohol and other ingredients that can do more harm than good. Also, there’s no need to buy super expensive products, because there are always affordable alternatives that can help you get clear and glowy complexion. In case you’re more into DIY solutions, then feel free to make your own skincare products, but before you use them, it’s essential to perform a patch test on the inside of your elbow, just to be sure that you won’t end up with a rash on your face.

3. Pay attention to your hair, too

Photo by Taisiia Stupak on Unsplash

Your skin condition and your haircare are connected, therefore it’s essential to pay attention to your hair, mainly to the way you apply your products. Since a lot of people suffer from acne near the hairline, it’s of utmost importance to clean your face after applying any heavy haircare products. However, in order to keep your hair looking healthy, make sure to opt for simple and well-made products, such as nourishing and natural hair wax that will leave your locks soft and shiny, without causing any changes on your skin. Also, keep in mind that your scalp health matters as well, which is why you should focus on using mild shampoos free from harsh sulfates and other damaging ingredients. If possible, aim to use natural oils to promote hair growth such as castor or oil, and if needed, make sure to use homemade scalp scrub, in order to remove dead skin cells and stimulate circulation in that area.

4. Trust the process and enjoy the journey

The beauty of having a skincare routine lies in the fact that you have to trust the process to see positive effects. You shouldn’t expect overnight improvements, and if you do, you’ll just end up frustrated, because most of the products need time to work. Therefore, rather than feeling unsatisfied, it’s better to relax and enjoy the journey. Once you do that, you’ll start paying attention to every little thing you spot on your face, and one day, you’ll just notice a positive outcome. Still, if you notice any rashes or other unpleasant changes on your skin that won’t go away, you should stop using the product immediately and find an alternative. 

5. Get inspired by others 

In case you find it hard to relax and trust the process, then you can get inspired by the skin positivity movement, which is helping people accept their acne and find appropriate treatments. Skin positivity influencers are also raising awareness regarding different skin conditions which can help people in similar situations feel better about themselves. Aside from that, you can use these influencers to get a bit of perspective and stop obsessing over little skin imperfections that can be easily remedied with a bit of spot treatment and some makeup. 


Taking care of your skin is an important step towards self-confidence and happiness. There’s no need to use overpriced products, instead be sure to read the ingredients and learn about your skin type, so you’ll be able to find your holy grails. Also, don’t hesitate to go to a licensed aesthetician, especially if you’re dealing with severe skin problems that can’t be treated by drugstore products. When you combine all of these tips, it’s very likely you’ll be left with beautiful, clean and glowing skin.