3 Tricks to Save Money on the Nursery That Won’t Make It Look Cheap

Becoming a parent is a joy that cannot be put into words. However, the cost of baby products can put some damper on this unbridled happiness. Of course, you want to ensure your baby gets the best of everything. But if you are living on a budget, you’ll have to find creative ways to save some money. Using a baby cost calculator will help you get some idea of what to expect. Armed with those numbers, you can start looking for ways to reduce it.

How to Save Money When Setting up a Nursery: 3 Tips

1. Try DIY furniture renovation or customization

The easiest way to cut down the costs of a nursery is buying pre-owned and beaten furniture and fixing it up yourself. Depending on your level of skills and luck, you might be able to score some fantastic pieces up to and including antiques.

However, if your woodworking skill isn’t the greatest, you can consider paying a bit more for new but cheap furniture. You can revamp it completely using simple decoration techniques, like decoupage. Pinterest is brimming with ideas you can use for inspiration and the technique is so easy, anyone can do it. With the help of simple DIY customization, you can turn the cheapest furniture pieces into exclusive artworks fit for a home interior magazine.

2. Lose the crib

It might seem that a crib is the one item you can’t do without in a nursery. But if you are limited in either space or budget, you should consider getting a more ‘efficient’ crib alternative. The alternative is a pack-n-play, which can double as a place to sleep as well as a playard.

This particular option allows you to save money because you’ll need a playard anyway and buying one that can be a comfy crib for the baby makes it cheaper in the long run. It’s also the best choice for families who need to move around a lot or who live in tiny rooms. If you lack space, replacing a crib with a pack-n-play might be the only option you have. That’s because you’ll be able to remove and set it back up easily, which will allow you to free some space.

When your baby becomes a toddler, you can switch from your sturdy pack-n-play for a twin bed. If absolutely necessary, you can make some DIY handrails to help protect your little one. But that shouldn’t be necessary. In fact, sleeping in a twin bed from early on will help make the child’s transition into a ‘big kid bed’ a bit easier.

3. Swap a changing table with a dresser

Changing tables are convenient, but you won’t be using one for too long. A dresser, on the other hand, is an essential piece of furniture, which your child will need more and more as they grow. Therefore, it makes a smart investment.

Place a padded changing mat atop of the dresser and you’ll get a very near approximation of a changing table. You might also be more comfortable changing your baby on the floor (with the mat!), especially as they get older and start rolling over and squiggling a lot.

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