4 Tips For Finding Vintage Bedroom Furniture

Vintage bedroom furniture items are all the rage right now. Whether it be a chair, lingerie chest, table or painting, they’re all valuable to somebody.

In fact, these furniture items can also be seen in as an eco-friendly alternative to home furnishings since no additional trees are cut down to produce them nor do they lie and waste in landfills. They bring clear and positive effects to the environment. Come to think of it, most of the best wood has already been used to create vintage furniture pieces, so you’re winning all the way.

Many people are also looking for vintage pieces that they can strip down and repurpose. The only problem with this is that they aren’t always found where you think they would be.

Let’s take a trendy piece of furniture for a women’s bedroom, the lingerie chest as an example.

In this guide, we’ll show you four simple methods of finding one of these vintage furniture items for your bedroom without a ton of effort while positively affecting the environment.

#1: Estate Sales

Estate sales are those amazing indoor yard sales that have a price tag on everything inside of the house. These deals usually indicate that the person who lived there has passed away, the home foreclosed or they want to downsize.

The items up for sale can include furniture, paintings and almost anything else. It’s a perfect place to find a vintage bedroom furniture piece like a lingerie dresser. If you see one, pick it up. Most of the time, people are just looking to get rid of their junk, so you may find it at a decent price, or even free.

#2. Buy Online

The internet is a glorious place when it comes to antiques. There is an abundance of vintage furniture websites all over the web. There are even websites dedicated to a specific period.

This is a good starting point in your search for a lingerie chest. You can choose which type you want and from which area it came. The downside to this is that you usually won’t get to see the piece until it has arrived at your home, but this won’t be an issue if you plan to restore it anyway.

#3. The Thrift Shop

Places like the Salvation Army and Goodwill are great for selling antique pieces of furniture. If you live near one of these or have your brand in your state, check there.

Usually, their prices are pretty fair, but the piece might not be in excellent condition. Before you purchase anything from a thrift shop, be sure to inspect it first.

Check for damage, a label, stamp or signature, check the hardware and examine how the piece was made. This will determine the longevity and value of the item in question.

#4. Make Sure It’s Real

If you decide to go to a flea market to find your vintage masterpiece, you should make sure it’s real first, especially if you’re looking for a particular kind of dresser or piece of bedroom furniture.

Most vintage pieces will have a stamp or marker on it from the original designer or maker. If you have the time and energy, take a picture of it and use your phone to search Google for the name on the chest.

Obviously, if you’re not looking for designer pieces and just something that you want to repurpose for fun, then go ahead and buy that knockoff.


Finding that perfect vintage eco-friendly motivated furniture piece shouldn’t be as hard as it may seem, as you can see from our simple tips. In all honesty, the internet is going to be your best friend.

Whether you’re searching for one or you are trying to look up whether or not it’s real or fake, the internet is a great resource. Don’t hesitate to utilize it.

No matter in which stage of your home decoration you are – either still checking out some infrastructure and investment properties or are already in an Airbnb since your walls have been taken down – these tips will work wonders for you.

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Featured image copyright: bialasiewicz / 123RF Stock Photo

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