5 Common Diabetes Myths Debunked

5 Common Diabetes Myths Debunked

Laughter is the best medicine- unless you are diabetic, then insulin comes pretty high on the list.

When I was diagnosed with diabetes, I initially found my symptoms subtle. At first, I was delighted that I was losing weight without making efforts. I blamed excess caffeine for frequent urination and undying thirst, while stress was accused of the physical discomfort. I was on vacation enjoying homemade food and sweets ceaselessly. Everything seems fine unless I was startled with the fact that I have diabetes. I rushed to the best diabetologist in Karachi and started my diabetes control journey.

What is diabetes?

In the public eye, diabetes is viewed as a life-threatening disease accompanied by higher sugar level and incurable thrust. Well, being diagnosed with a chronic disease feels like an unwanted loss and unpredictable event that compromises one’s self-sufficiency.

No matter how many diabetics’ inspirational stories you hear; nothing can actually prepare you for it. As a diabetic, I can relate to the fact that this disease comes with several ups and downs and is more of a roller coaster ride. Diabetes management goes more than pricking your finger multiple times a day and avoiding sugars.

Common myths about diabetes

Combating disease and dealing with symptoms isn’t the only problem in living with diabetes; you should be ready for the never-ending free advice. Well, it seems like people who don’t have diabetes know more than the sufferers. You can literally find everyone around you has an opinion about diabetics either from the scary diabetic stories or incalculable health advice.

Facing all these situations, it compels me to reveal the truth to dispel some of the most common myths regarding diabetes.

1- Having diabetes means you can’t eat sugar

I wonder if any diabetes sufferer hasn’t been asked this question. Let me make it clear that having diabetes doesn’t mean that you cannot consume sugar. Although diabetes is usually characterized by high sugar levels in the body, it doesn’t mean that you can’t consume sugar. In no way modern diabetologists ban sugar intake, however, there are safety limits for taking sugar.

2- Insulin intake can cause weight gain

Though many people who are on insulin shots tend to gain weight insulin shouldn’t be held responsible for it. Let me explain this or you, when you are not taking insulin you are losing sugar via urination as your blood sugar level is high.

However, when you start taking insulin, it enables your body to retain those sugars adding to your daily calorie budget. So, even if you are consuming an equal number of calories as before, you will still gain weight.

3- Insulin intake can cause blindness

This myth stems from the observation that people who receive insulin after the onset of severe complications developed blindness. Insulin is a lifesaver drug with fewer side effects and can significantly lower blood sugar levels. However, it can’t help to relieve the complications that are already set in your body.

4- If you are overweight, you will get the diabetes

Uninformed observations lead to this widely-held myth regarding diabetes. Undoubtedly, being overweight is one of the most common risk factors associated with the onset of disease, but there is a lot more than this single factor. Several other factors trigger the disease faster than the excess weight including your genetic makeup and lifestyle.

5- Diabetes can reduce your chances for safely having children

If you are a woman suffering from diabetes, you have properly heard this a thousand times. This myth originated from outdated medical practices and was kept alive. However, having diabetes can’t make you infertile but regarded as a high-risk pregnancy. But seeking help from health care experts can make it manageable.

If you are based in a metropolitan city like Karachi, you can reach out to the best diabetes specialist. Several health care facilities i.e., Kharadar general hospital, Dr. Ziauddin Hospital are making sure that they provide the best health care facilities.


Based on my experience with diabetes, I can say that diabetes is a manageable chronic disease. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, monitoring your calorie intake and following-up with your diabetologist can help you in conveniently living with it.

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