5 Health and Wellness Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is highly beneficial to both your body and mind. It’s a great addition to your workout regime. It not only helps you get an excellent full-body workout, but it’s also a great way to improve your mental health by clearing your mind.


Practical Swimming Tips


  • Don’t get into the swimming pool before warming up. Start by gliding a few minutes to get the blood flowing and your body ready for swimming.


  • Try and do some breathing practice after gliding. Breathing is what helps you achieve a perfect stroke.


  • Don’t just buy gear that looks good; buy practical ones that will help you. Wear a swimming cap to prevent the chlorine in pool water from making your scalp flake.


  • Get something to wear over your swimsuit; comfortable swim cover ups help you stay warm between sessions, encouraging further exercise.


  • Get a plastic box to put in your wet gear after swimming instead of a sports bag.


  • Ensure you always wipe your goggles before swimming since they can fog up.


Water-based Exercises to Help You Burn Calories


  • Walk-in water


This is a great exercise to start with since it helps you build resistance. It targets your arms, core, as well as your lower body. Adding hand or ankle weights help create more intensity.


  • Water arm lifts


This one helps with strengthening your arm muscles. You can add more resistance by using foam dumbbells.


  • Back wall glide


If you want to tighten your core and lower body muscles, this is the best workout. It helps you activate all the muscles in those areas.


  • Jumping jacks


Jumping jacks effectively work out your whole body, both your upper and lower body muscles. Wrist and ankle weights help increase more resistance.


  • High-knee lift extensions


These exercises may help with strengthening the muscles around your core, lower body, and legs. Ankle weights will effectively make the exercise more challenging.


Mental Health and Wellbeing Benefits of Swimming


Learning how to swim safely and become good at it has benefits beyond mental and physical fitness. You might even end up saving people’s lives. Here are some of the benefits of swimming.


You release endorphins while swimming


The endorphins are hormones we produce in our body that cause euphoria. Swimming will release them, and you’ll stay in a state of happiness for a long time. Swimming in the morning impacts your energy and boosts positive feelings.


Being in the water reduces stress levels


Our mental balance can seriously be affected by the adverse effects of stress. Swimming helps with relaxing your mind by reducing stress and anxiety. Swimming also increases your lung capacity, and therefore you can control your breathing. If you have asthma symptoms, they can be improved by the humid air found in indoor pools.


Improves blood flow


A study conducted in Australia suggests that immersing yourself in cold water increases blood flow. This is important for the body’s well-being since oxygen reaches all the body’s critical parts. In doing so, you provide energy and vitality.


Builds cardiovascular strength


Cardiovascular exercise involves the heart, lungs, and circulatory system. Workout routines such as water-based exercises are involved in cardiovascular exercises. According to research, the mortality rate for swimmers is half that of inactive people. It can help lower your blood pressure and also manage blood sugar levels.


It helps people with disabilities


Physical disabilities like paraplegia can limit your workout options. When you’re swimming, the water gives you resistance and support, making swimming a suitable alternative. Your confidence can be boosted by swimming and hence also improving your social skills. It also helps people with some mental disabilities.

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