5 Most Popular Eco-Friendly Flooring Solutions

5 Most Popular Eco-Friendly Flooring Solutions

Personalizing your home used to mean repainting the walls or getting new furniture, but now it also includes sustainable renovations. Many homeowners want to save money and go green, which starts with your floors. These are the five most popular eco-friendly flooring solutions that work in any home.

No matter what you prefer for your interior design or how much you can budget for renovations, eco-friendly flooring solutions are within reach. Check out a few of these examples to discover eye-catching options that are worth every penny.

1. Natural Cork Tiles

Cork might not be the first thing you imagine when you picture flooring, but it’s a sustainable replacement for traditional floors. Teams harvest cork by stripping it off tree trunks, leaving the trees unharmed and able to continue growing. Those cork forests store over 15 million tons of CO2 every year, removing it from the atmosphere where it can harm the planet.

It cushions every step and absorbs sound as well. There are many benefits to cork flooring, so check out the many stains and designs that would look great in your home.

2. Unique Linoleum Rolls

Many houses come with vinyl floors, but those aren’t eco-friendly. Vinyl processing converts raw petroleum into polymers, which back the vinyl material with a solid foundation. It requires gas and coal mining, but you don’t have to fund those industries. Instead, look into unique rolls of linoleum flooring. They feature identical designs to vinyl options but don’t need nonrenewable resources.

3. Engineered Hardwood Flooring

You might think hardwood is out of the question because it uses wood, but think again. Engineered hardwood flooring resists buckling and warping so they last longer than traditional wood planks. You won’t waste natural resources by replacing hardwood floors every few years or add to local landfill waste that contributes to environmental pollution. Enjoy all the benefits of hardwood flooring without any ecological worries.

4. Organic Bamboo Planks

Bamboo flooring is another alternative to wood planks that take vital natural resources away from the planet. While it’s another kind of wood, it matures in three to five years so it quickly replaces itself. Trees would take decades to do the same. It’s durable and customizable, making it an excellent material for any room in your house.

5. Polished Durable Concrete

Many industrial and minimalist interior designs pair well with concrete floors. It’s one of the most sustainable flooring materials because concrete operates as both foundation and flooring, eliminating many extra factors. You won’t need to fund carpeting production efforts that contribute to atmospheric CO2 and you won’t need natural resources.

Concrete also lasts for decades, so see how it would look in your home. Stains and polishes add flare and durability so concrete floors will match your interior design and have a finished appearance.

Explore Popular Eco-Friendly Flooring Solutions

These are five of the most popular eco-friendly flooring solutions that balance your household needs with your sustainable lifestyle. See how engineered hardwood, cork and bamboo flooring will complement your existing features like cabinets and doors. You’ll find great new floors that fit your budget and don’t hurt the environment during production or installation.

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