5 Tips to Balance Your Macronutrient Intake with Ease

5 Tips to Balance Your Macronutrient Intake with Ease

With so many conflicting bits of information you can hear from people and find everywhere around you, it can seem impossible to achieve some kind of balance in your life. It’s as if there’s always some kind of deficiency you’re competing against, or some kind of health issue you’re trying to ward off while retaining your energy levels. Food is our fuel, and although there is so much we have yet to learn, we can easily put our existing knowledge to good use and achieve that elusive idea of balance by focusing on one core concept: macronutrients!

With three main macros to consider, proteins, carbs, and fats, the math doesn’t have to be too complicated. There are so many free online calculators that can help you find that ballpark number to match your activity levels, fitness exertion, caloric needs, and overall health goals. Macros Calculator is the best way to calculate a balanced diet as it is available online and provides quick calculation.

However, the business of actually consuming these macros and balancing them is a little tricky. To help simplify this journey, here are a few tips to help you balance your macros without too much hassle!

Start with optimizing your water intake

Now, even if you do manage to balance your macronutrient intake in terms of food, if you fail to drink enough water, your body won’t be able to absorb all the nutrients properly and your digestion and metabolism will suffer.

That is why water is considered a vital nutrient as much as the three listed macros! Make sure that you drink plenty of water during the day so that you boost nutrient absorption, help your body make the most of your macros, and flush out toxins from your system with ease.

Work around your food sensitivities

Can’t have dairy or gluten? Your macronutrient intake shouldn’t suffer for it. Many people with certain food sensitivities fail to consume enough protein in a day because they replace this macronutrient with, let’s say, more carbs or fat. Fortunately, the pandemic has inspired more healthy meal delivery options to allow people with this particular issue to maintain their diet without jeopardizing their health.

As a result, you can actually have dairy free meals delivered from Mighty Macros USA to your home and not worry about your macros at all. This is a great way to reduce the stress and hassle of meal preparation during the week, so you can combine home-cooked meals with delivered meals to your door.

Include smart and healthy snacking

After all this talk about healthy choices, you might think that you’d need to ditch all your treats – but when you work them into your meal plan, why not treat yourself to the occasional panettone cake slice or something else you love? Snacking can help you stay energized and consume all the macronutrients you need in a more structured way, as long as you work your snacks into your daily macro menu.

The sources of your macros count, too

Although technically processed sugar counts as “carbs” just like a fresh salad, we can all agree that they are far from equal in terms of nutritional value, let alone their viability for boosting your health. For one, sugar is in no way good for you and it’s much more calorie-dense, while veggies and fruits are low in calories, but packed with minerals, vitamins, fiber, and they are a vital source of healthy carbs for your body to use as slowly released fuel.

Applying the same logic will help you discover particular foods that are suitable for your health and fitness goals (to stay within your calorie needs in a day and avoid foods that cause allergies or sensitivities for you).

  • Go for protein-rich meals that consist of complete protein, that is, the ones that contain all nine essential amino acids. That includes meat and dairy if you can consume them, but also eggs and seafood.
  • Choose healthy sources of unsaturated fat mostly (such as avocado, salmon, nuts and seeds), and a moderate amount of saturated fats (meat and dairy). Avoid trans fats altogether!
  • Aim for complex carb sources such as fruits, veggies and cereal in various forms.

Time your meals right

Instead of obsessing over food or trying to postpone the next meal for hours, why not try timing your meals and distributing healthy portions of food throughout the day? It’s much easier on your metabolism and it will sustain your energy levels if you consume healthy meals at regular intervals.

Since you now have a clear goal as to how much of each macro you need to eat every day, instead of overburdening your belly in a single load, you can enjoy even meals with plenty of flavors to keep your productivity and energy up. Plus, it turns out, your fat-burning potential grows this way, too.


There’s no need to introduce a whole slew of complicated and time-consuming recipes (unless you enjoy the process, of course!), especially if your goal is to stay healthy and lead a balanced life with less effort. By tweaking your behavior just a little bit and by focusing on macronutrients in your diet, you can reap the rewards sooner rather than later and elevate your energy levels while boosting your immune strength, too.

A final piece of advice for the most dedicated among you: start leading your own journal or use an app to track your eating habits, and you’ll soon notice the difference in how much free time you’ll have, as well as how much easier it becomes to pursue your fitness goals with the right approach!

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