5 Ways A Spa Day Can Rejuvenate Your Mental And Physical Health

5 Ways A Spa Day Can Rejuvenate Your Mental And Physical Health


Spa Days aren’t just a luxury way to improve your appearance and pamper yourself. They can have a profound effect on both your physical and mental health, in many unexpected ways. Each of the wide variety of activities involved in a spa day; massage treatments, facials and spa facilities, can boost your wellness in a unique way!


Improving Your Circulation

Having good circulation is essential to your health. Not only does good circulation keep your organs healthy and running, but it is also responsible for preventing organ problems by removing the built up waste they produce. Good circulation also allows your immune system to run efficiently, helping your fight off illness. If your circulation slows down you’ll most likely start feeling tired and unable to concentrate, as well as having trouble remembering things. Poor circulation can even be the cause of early hair loss!

Thankfully a spa day can be a powerful way to boost your circulation and keep everything running smoothly. Massages and facial treatments are one of the best ways to relieve this problem, in fact, since the smooth movements on your skin naturally get blood flowing again. A session in the sauna will also improve your circulation thanks to their dry heat. In fact, for the same reason, a massage while in the heated Turkish Hammam can be a good idea if improving your circulation is a health goal.


Releasing Stress and Tension

Daily life can naturally be very stressful on you, and continued stress with no relief can leave you feeling exhausted, unhappy and unmotivated. A Spa Day is effective at releasing this pent up tension and stress in many ways. Firstly, changing your scenery and going to a spa that is designed to relax you and put you into a positive state will help your mind push worry away. Having a spa treatment will ease both physical and mental tension, and there are even specific anti stress treatments designed for the express purpose of relaxing you mentally.

Enjoying a relaxing swim in a pool, resting in a jacuzzi or pampering yourself in a sauna are also proven stress relievers, which can even help you sleep better at night! You might even opt to take a friend or loved one along with you on your spa day, since sharing such experiences with others has been proven to improve your mental health and self esteem.


Healing and Preventing Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries can be easily sustained, and may keep affecting your performance for quite some time. Specialised deep tissue sports massages are designed to heal muscle scar tissue, and help prevent injury from easily happening again. They will also ease muscle tension that would increase chances of injury if not relieved.

Saunas and jacuzzis are also excellent at relieving the pain from sports injuries, and a swim in a pool can be a safe way to exercise without making your injury worse. As mentioned above, spa facilities and treatments also boost circulation, which aids your body in the healing process.


Meeting Your Body and Your Skin’s Unique Needs

When you get a treatment during your spa day, you will be taken care of by expert therapists who will take your body and skin’s unique needs into consideration when helping you pick a treatment and performing it. Whether it’s facials that specifically target your problematic skin or your busy city lifestyle, massages addressing your current aches and pains, or recommending the perfect products to take home with you, you can be sure that you are in expert hands.


Improving Physical and Mental Health Through Exercise

Spa Days can be an amazing way to exercise for many reasons. Firstly, since you can exercise in a pool during a spa day, the exercise is gentler on your joints and places less strain on your body. You will gain muscle strength in a gentler way, making a spa day a good option for you if you are older, or if you have an injury.  Best of all, swimming is one of the few exercises that works out almost all the muscles in your body. It’s also comfortable and luxurious; you won’t even feel like you’re exercising since you’ll be relaxing at the same time!



As you now know, the health benefits of a spa day with Carisma Spa extend far from amazing spa therapy experiences, and you can benefit from many free facilities that also boost your physical and mental wellness. For 30 years Carisma Spa has been offering spa and wellness services. Carisma believes the world would be a better place if people nurture their body, mind, and soul to be the best version of themselves. As such their purpose is to help you become the best version of yourself. By providing a tranquil escape from the stresses of everyday life, they support your connection between body, mind, and soul.

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