8 Low-Cost Ideas for Remodeling Your Home’s Facade

Home's Facade

When people pass by your house, the very first thing they see is your facade. This is why it is only natural to improve how it looks to make it pleasing to the eyes.

The only problem is, remodeling sometimes costs a lot. So, we present to you eight low-cost ideas that will change up your home facade without breaking the bank:


Install a new front door

Your front door serves as the entrance of your visitors. It is also probably the first thing visitors notice when they visit you. By simply installing a new door can change the way people perceive your house.

It also offers other benefits like:

Better Home Security
Better Insulation Properties for Energy Efficiency
Better Durability for Low-Cost Maintenance
Better Appearance

Update exterior lighting

The next thing that you should pay attention to is the exterior lighting of your home. This is very important if you still want to make your home stand out during the night time.

It sorts of adds to the overall visual appeal, emphasizing your beautiful facade.

Other than the visual appeal, exterior lighting will also help improve your house’s security. Better lighting helps with visibility, increasing the chances of catching a thief when he crawls into the night.

It also protects you and other people from tripping or falling.


Swap exterior finishes

Swapping exterior finishes will give your house a more modern look instead of it looking plain. You can make endless designs by decorating your house exterior using different materials. This is what you call cladding.

If you have no idea what materials are best for your house, a recladding specialist in Auckland would be able to help.


Refresh your landscape

Nothing makes a house more refreshing to look at than a good landscape. It makes your home stand out so much, not to mention that a good scene will continue to be beautiful year after year when better-taken care of.

Here are a few ways to refresh your landscape:

Take your spring cleaning indoors
Invite wildlife to your home
Add or repair hardscaping
Do little maintenance
Check your plant beds

Paint the exterior

Old painting gets damaged, and as years pass by, it makes your house look dull. But, you can always give your house facade a significant makeover by simply painting it. This will help:

Better aesthetics
Improve the ambiance
Remove any old marks and stains
Protect your house from outside elements

Remember to invest in better painting materials. This will help you save more money in the long run.


Replace your windows

We’ve already mentioned installing a new door, and you can do the same for your windows. If you have those ordinary windows, then you should change them.

Here are some reasons why:

Help reduce energy costs
Protect you from UV rays
Easier maintenance
Reduce noise
Make your home safer
Improve visual appeal

Makeover your driveway

Remodeling your facade shouldn’t only end with your house.

It would be best to improve your driveway and other pathways around your house for that total visual appeal. Here are a few of the most common used materials to makeover a driveway:


Check out the pros and cons of each material and see which suits you best. There may also be cases that you might need to combine two or three of these materials. It’s up to you.


Build a fence

Last but not least, building a fence. This is what appears at the outermost part of your house, so choose one that will make you stand out. There are fences made precisely for this, and it gives your home a higher value.

But other than adding visual appeal, a fence also gives you a sense of privacy, improves your security, and marks your part of the property.


Over to You

Remodeling your home should not cause a lot. And you do not even have to do these all in one go.

You can start first with what you think is the most important. If you believe your door and window are still in good condition, you can start with your exterior. If pre-cladding is out of your budget, then repainting should do.

Be creative without needing to spend too much.

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